Accessing Child Behavioral Health Assessment for Services

How to access Child Behavioral Health for assessment for services

Page updated on Nov 13, 2019 at 3:44 PM

Accessing Child Behavioral Health Assessment for Services

We engage children and youth with serious emotional or behavioral challenges and/or significant trauma and their families in an array of behavioral health services. In partnership with youth and families, services are designed to help children live and thrive in their homes and communities. In order to ensure access to those most in need, we prioritize youth who are most at risk and those with Medicaid or no insurance.


Legal guardians walk in with their children at the following locations and times*:

  • Tuesdays and Wednesdays between 9 and 10:30 a.m. at 720 N. St. Asaph Street, across from the Harris Teeter
  • Thursdays between 10 and 11:30 a.m. at the Center for Alexandria’s Children, 1900 N. Beauregard Street, Suite 200 on the 2nd floor 

* Evening times are not currently offered as that would result in fewer treatment services for families. We appreciate and regret that this is a burden for many and will keep reassessing.

Providers involved with referrals are asked to please contact us in advance of when the family plans to walk in and to send all relevant documentation in advance. This is to ensure a meaningful assessment. Legal guardians seeking Intensive Care Coordination (ICC) services do not walk in; please call or email. For more information, contact us at 571.213.7963 or

The entire process will take about 2.5 - 3 hours.

First, the guardian and child meet for 35 - 45 minutes with one of our team members to:

  • Receive brief orientation
  • Discuss insurance and any payment that may be needed for services
  • Be informed of our privacy policies

Next, they will meet with a clinician for a 90-minute assessment. At this time, they will:

  • Discuss what brought them to the assessment
  • Share background information to fully understand the child and family
  • Receive recommendations for services
  • Receive an appointment within a week, if needed

A legal guardian must be present and bring this information:

  • Medicaid card for child or other health insurance card 
  • Two pay stubs of income (from both parents if both live in the home with child)
  • Social security card or number for parent and child, if there is one (not necessary to receive services)
  • A bill or rental contract with name and address to show proof of residency in the City of Alexandria (children in foster care with DCHS meet residency requirement)
  • Parent identification or verification of legal guardianship 
  • Any medical (mental or physical health) records that may help in the assessment, if possible  

If you have any questions regarding payment for services, contact us at 571.213.7963 or We speak English, Spanish and Amharic.