Trauma Informed Community Networks

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Throughout Virginia, there are more than 19 communities coming together across disciplines around trauma-informed care. Most often in Virginia, these groups form as trauma-informed community networks (TICNs). Every TICN looks different because they are built by the local community, however, in each of these communities, these networks share common characteristics:

  • Build a stronger, more resilient trauma-informed community
  • Increase awareness of trauma and adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and identify areas that the group can collectively build upon
  • Develop a shared language about trauma and resilience
  • Help organizations to become trauma informed, conduct trainings, support, and implement new practices in schools, courts, and community services
  • Create a mechanism for collaboration, and the sharing of information and resources
  • And much more!

TICNs help to connect practice across disciplines and help to identify gaps and how policies can be implemented. Virginia’s community networks play a key role in advancing trauma-informed policy and promoting a statewide policy agenda. 

For more information about Virginia’s TICNs and the Campaign for a Trauma-Informed Virginia, visit the Voices for Virginia’s Children website at


Mailing List and TICN Updates


We are designing a TICN based on our community’s needs and strengths and provide a platform where people can share their trauma-informed and resiliency building efforts and track and promote our collective efforts across the city. 

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