About ACAP

Page updated on Apr 30, 2020 at 1:54 PM

The Alexandria Campaign on Adolescent Pregnancy (ACAP) works collaboratively for and with youth to achieve lifetime success through active involvement and personal commitment. ACAP does this by:

  • Creating and conducting public awareness campaigns encouraging parent-child communications, abstinence and safer sex messages
  • Using innovative technology and creativity to reach out to and engage youth – Teen Text Message Line, Instagram and  Twitter
  • Partnering with City youth, parents, agencies, and community-based organizations to provide opportunities and comprehensive prevention services for adolescents and their families 
  • Providing resources, support and programs with and for adolescents, families, and residents of Alexandria – ACAP newsletter, Facebook and Twitter 
  • Providing training and technical assistance on adolescent pregnancy and sexual health issues with and for youth, families, and professionals

Critical to our success is the ability to organize our community in pulling together – City agencies, community groups, and residents, including parents and youth. Together we can help young people see the possibilities in their lives if they avoid pregnancy and fatherhood during their teen years.

Our Vision

To sustain a reduction in adolescent pregnancy and the consequences for our youth.

Our Mission

To prevent adolescent pregnancy through culturally and age appropriate education, advocacy, technical assistance, direct service prevention programs and public awareness.  Collaboratively, we work with our young people, their families and the community to secure brighter futures.

Belief Statements

  • Adolescent pregnancy is a significant ongoing problem that affects all of our citizens.
  • Adolescents should be encouraged to delay sexual activity.
  • Parents/guardians should be the primary sexuality educators of their children.
  • Abstinence from sexual intercourse is the most effective way to avoid a pregnancy.
  • Adolescents themselves have a personal responsibility for preventing pregnancy and practicing healthy behaviors.
  • Adolescents have the right to full, medically accurate information about sexuality and the right to safe, healthy relationships in order to protect their futures.
  • Adolescents who have children need the assistance of their own families and the community to break the cycle of adolescent pregnancy.
  • Collaboration of all sectors of the community including government, schools, businesses, faith based initiatives, families and community groups' working with young people is essential in helping to reduce adolescent pregnancy.
  • Greater mobilization and coordination of both public and private financial resources must occur to reduce adolescent pregnancy.
  • Support from our political leaders is a key component to successfully reduce adolescent pregnancy.
  • Support and participation from our youth are key components to successfully reduce adolescent pregnancy.

Want to Get Involved?

The Alexandria Campaign on Adolescent Pregnancy (ACAP) needs your help. Together we can make a difference. Contact Lisette Torres at lisette.torres@alexandriava.gov.