Alexandria Emergency Child Care Collaborative

COVID-19 Emergency Child Care: Information for Essential Workers and Providers

Page updated on Aug 31, 2020 at 2:16 PM

The Alexandria Emergency Child Care Collaborative (ECCC), which was formed to support essential workers who have exhausted all other non-group care options, now supports all families in need of child care and works to match them with open providers. 

The COVID-19 pandemic places additional demands on our workforce and child care continues to be a vital part of Alexandria’s response. The Department of Community and Human Services is partnering with ECCC to continually assess the needs and preferences of Alexandria families and work with child care providers to try to develop and provide the kinds child care and child care settings that families need and prefer.

Parents who have options to keep their children at home with a family member who is not over the age of 65, or parents who have other safe arrangements, are encouraged to use those. The collaborative aims to support families in securing child care when all other non-group care settings have been exhausted and families want other options.

For Families:  Complete the  Parent Child Care Needs Registration Form below. The survey will determine each family’s child care needs including location, time of day, age of children and preferred structure of care. Possibilities might include family day home care or a center-based program. We will work to notify families of potential care providers that meet their needs and provide directions on how best to reach out to the provider to arrange enrollment.   

For Child Care Providers:  Complete the Emergency Child Care Provider Registration Form, which is for providers who are available to offer emergency child care or have capacity in their existing programs for additional children. This application is for any child care center or family day home program.  To date, the response has been strong.  It is clear that the child care community wants to do what they can to help.

Call 703.746.5927 for information.

For Parents

Parent Child Care Needs Registration Form

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Emergency Child Care Provider Registration Form

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