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Youth Development ProgramSchool Age Prevention

The Youth Development Team provides services that promote healthy youth development and prevent alcohol and drug use, pregnancy, emotional problems, violence and school drop-out. Evidence-based programs and practices include: Too Good for Drugs, LifeSkills Training, Be Proud! Be Responsible!, Girls Circle, Untouchables, Peer Advisors, Young Stars Success, Kids are Terrific Camp, and Decisions 101. The team also provides skill-building groups, school-wide campaigns, parent outreach and education, mediation, after school programs and supportive counseling.   


  • T.C. Williams Main Campus and Charles Houston Recreation Center:  703.401.8717 
  • Hammond Middle School Campus, T.C. Williams Main and Minnie Howard Campuses and Charles Houston Recreation Center:
  • Hammond Middle School Campus and after school programs at George Washington Middle School: 571.213.9489 
  • Tucker Elementary School and Brent Place Apartments: 703.975.1483 
  • Ramsay Elementary School: 571.379.2365 
  • Patrick Henry Elementary School: 703.965.8087 

    The Youth Development Team Leader can be reached at 703.746.3634.

    Youth-Led Mental Health and Wellness Mini-Grant RFP

    Youth MH Grant RFP Flyer2019

    Proposals Due Feb. 8, 2019
    Project Period Begins Feb. 15, 2019
    Project Period Ends Aug. 2, 2019

    One in five people in the U.S. experiences a mental health disorder in their lifetime. It could be serious depression, anxiety, psychosis, an eating disorder, or any of a number of common conditions, all of which are treatable. Yet, because of the stigma associated with mental illness, people are often reluctant to admit that they, or someone they care about, has a mental health problem.

    Sadly, this stigma keeps people from seeking help.

    Eliminating stigma requires a change in the way we talk and think about mental illness in our culture. Young people can be a very powerful, driving force behind this kind of positive culture change. This mini-grant program will fund youth-planned, youth-led projects to reduce stigma among their peers. The program’s goals are to:

    • Empower youth to reduce the stigma of mental illness in their communities and focus on suicide prevention
    • Educate youth on facts regarding mental illness, including how to recognize it and seek help for oneself or others; and
    • Educate youth on ways they can promote their own and others’ mental health.

    This mini-grant program is funded by a regional suicide prevention grant from the Virginia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services and administered by the Alexandria Department of Community and Human Services.

    *Applicants must serve youth from the City of Alexandria

    Apply for Youth-Led Mental Health and Wellness Mini-Grant

    For more information, email Noraine Buttar at