Center for Children & Families

The Center for Children and Families provides programs and services for Behavioral Health, Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault, Child Welfare & Child Protective Services, Early Childhood and Youth Development.

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Behavioral Health Image 2Behavioral Health for Children & Families


child welfare imageChild Welfare & Child Protective Services



DV SA Web BoxDomestic Violence & Sexual Assault



Early Childhood Web Box ImageEarly Childhood Division


Youth Development Web BoxYouth Development

Authorization to Use and Exchange Information

Authorization to Use and Exchange Information There is a recently updated Authorization to Use and Exchange Information Form that parents/guardians/adults are to use when requesting that confidential information about a child be disclosed/exchanged among City and School entities where allowable by law. The form is authorized for use by the City and Schools Staff Group and the Alexandria Community Policy and Management Team. The form is available in English, Spanish, Amharic and Arabic. Please use the form dated 1/23/2020 and discard outdated forms. If there is a request to exchange information with the City’s Sexual Assault Center or Domestic Violence Program, this Authorization form is NOT allowable; complete the required form.