Youth and Family Services

Information about Youth and Family Behavioral Health Services.

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Youth and Family Services

The Youth and Family Team provides individual, group and family therapy for children, youth and parents to improve functioning, communication and mental health well-being. Services are offered in a number of city schools as well as in our office.  The team works with other city mental health teams and partner agencies and provides training and consultation to professionals who work with youth and families.

Services include:

  • Clinical assessment to determine mental health strengths and needs.
  • Individual therapy and play therapy to help children and youth develop coping and problem solving skills.
  • Family therapy and parent counseling to help families develop better communication skills and positive interactions.

  • Group therapy to provide youth an opportunity to learn skills, reduce conflict, increase problem-solving and improve functioning.
  •  Creative and expressive therapies, including art and movement therapy, to reach children and youth who respond more positively to these approaches.

  • Case management to assist parents in identifying and locating services their children may need, to advocate for the child to receive these services and to monitor the effectiveness of the services, including discharge planning from psychiatric hospitalizations.
  • Observation and consultation at schools to help teachers and parents more effectively respond to behavioral problems.

  • Psychological evaluations to assess youth who are experiencing serious mental health problems.
  • Access to psychiatric evaluation and medication management for youth and families who have no insurance or have Medicaid.   

  • Specialized services to youth involved in the juvenile justice system, with clinical assessment and therapy available at the Court Service Unit and the Northern Virginia Juvenile Detention Center.

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