Recovery Bag Program Engages Overdose Victims

Page updated on Oct 4, 2019 at 9:24 AM

Recovery Bag Program Engages Overdose Victims 

Recovery Bag PhotoThe Recovery Bag Program, which launched earlier this year to link people to treatment following an opioid overdose, has distributed nearly 40 bags to date and engaged 30 percent of the bag recipients in treatment.

The bags contain treatment resource information, a prepaid cell phone with pre-programmed numbers for Community Service Board services and the assigned police officer, granola bars, water and a notebook. 

Officers responding to an overdose provide victims with the bag and explain the program. Opioid Treatment staff begin outreach to the individual immediately to assist them in accessing services. 

This initiative is an example of the work of the Opioid Work Group, the City of Alexandria’s multi-agency partnership to reduce the impact of the opioid crisis and assist people in need. For more information about the Opioid Work Group and the opioid crisis, visit ~ by Emily Bentley