Healthcare, COVID-19 Testing Options for Uninsured Alexandrians

Page updated on Jul 30, 2020 at 1:29 PM

HealthcareAccess to testing and healthcare are crucial to stopping the spread of COVID-19. The Department of Community and Human Services (DCHS) and the Alexandria Health Department (AHD) are working to make sure that those without insurance or who are underinsured know their options.

AHD recently released an updated guide showing locations in Alexandria and neighboring communities where residents--especially those without primary care physicians or insurance--can get tested for COVID-19. The map shows locations within Alexandria along with information about cost, evening and weekend hours options, if a photo ID is required and if payment is due at the time of service. Alexandrians who need help getting a photo ID can get it with support from the group Project ID. 

Two of the providers on that list, Neighborhood Health (NH) and the Inova Cares Clinic for Families (ICCF), also offer primary care options for those without insurance. 

Neighborhood Health provides high quality primary care regardless of ability to pay, at 703.535.5568. Neighborhood Health accepts most insurance plans including Medicaid and Medicare and offers a sliding fee discount scale for those who make less than 200 percent of the Federal Poverty Level and are without health insurance or have health insurance with high copays and deductibles. Prospective patients meet with Eligibility Specialists to determine fees and discounts, if qualified. Eligibility policy does not require proof of immigration status.

ICCF provides primary care services for patients who qualify for Medicaid, FAMIS or Inova’s Financial Assistance Program, and those who are uninsured at four locations: Alexandria, Annandale, Manassas and Sterling. View or download this flyer for phone numbers and addresses. Financial options are explored for patients who do not qualify for Medicaid. 

In addition, the Fairfax County Office of Strategy Management for Health and Human Services maintains a list of regional healthcare options for those who are uninsured, including facilities located in Alexandria and the surrounding area.

DCHS can also assist residents who qualify as low-income to apply for Medicaid, which includes regular preventive care as well as treatment for chronic health conditions. To be eligible, residents must be U.S. nationals, citizens or have satisfactory immigration status, be between the ages of 19 and 64, not already in or eligible for Medicare, and meet annual income requirements (before taxes), which vary by household size:

  • 1: $16,971

  • 2: $22,930

  • 3: $28,888

  • 4: $34,846

  • 5: $40,805

  • 6: $46,763

  • 7: $52,722

  • 8: $58,680

Residents can apply for Medicaid at any time at and for low-cost health insurance through the Health Insurance Marketplace at

Visit for more information on resources available for those impacted by COVID-19 pandemic. Read the latest updates on new resources at