Sexual Assault Center Offering Yoga Sessions and Men's Survivors Support Group

Page updated on Feb 2, 2021 at 1:51 PM

Sexual Assault Center Offering Yoga Sessions and Men's Survivors Support Group


January 22, 2021--The Alexandria Sexual Assault Center is offering a new six-week support group for men who are survivors of sexual abuse and two yoga sessions for survivors of sexual assault.

Research has shown that one in six men have been sexually abused or assaulted. Survivors tend to have a sense of decreased capacity to reach out for help or are heavily-laden with shame, and support groups offer a safe, non-threatening setting for survivors to talk about and process their feelings with others who have experienced the same trauma. 

The support group is an opportunity to share your story in a safe and confidential place with men who will believe you and who can relate,” says Senior Therapist Gloria Saez. “It’s an opportunity to hear the experiences of others and receive strength in knowing that you’re not alone, that others have grown and even thrived despite the difficulties of childhood sexual abuse, and that you, too, can apply some of the principles from their lives to aid in your own recovery.”

Each group session will revolve around a theme (e.g., sharing of strengths, coping skills, guided activities and discussions, wellness and self-care work, and writing exercises). Activities will focus on helping survivors come together to explore and process their feelings about their trauma, as well as sharing coping mechanisms that assist in the healing process.

The six-week virtual support group begins February 22. For more information or to register, email or call 703.850.9426. All participants must schedule an intake call one week prior to the first session on February 22. Participants need to attend by the second session, after which the group will close. For dates and times, visit

The Sexual Assault Center is also offering two sessions of Resiliency Yoga for survivors and co-survivors of sexual assault or abuse on January 23 and February 20 at 10 a.m. The sessions are aimed at helping survivors at any place on their journey to reclaim their resiliency through the practice of gentle and mindful yoga. To register, email Learn more about the sessions at

The City’s Sexual Assault Center and Domestic Violence Program remain open during the COVID-19 outbreak. The hotlines are available 24/7, and advocates are ready to listen and help. Call 703.683.7273 for the Sexual Assault Hotline or 703.746.4911 for the Domestic Violence Hotline.  Confidential crisis support and chat online is also available at The National Sexual Assault Online Hotline.

For more information about the Sexual Assault Center or Domestic Violence programs and resources for survivors and those who support them, visit or

This article was edited on February 2, 2021, to reflect an updated start date for the support group.