Donate to Emergency Bed Fund Now Through April 28

Page updated on Apr 23, 2021 at 11:17 AM

Donate to Emergency Bed Fund Now Through April 28


Emergency Bed Fund Web BoxApril 23, 2021--Residents and community members are invited to help provide a bed and bedding for some of Alexandria’s most vulnerable children by donating to the Fund for Alexandria’s Child Emergency Bed Fund through the Spring2Action campaign.

“While other organizations provide furniture to low-income families, many children still sleep on the floor or share a bed or even a couch with other family members,” says Fund Coordinator Krystal Fenwick. 

“Children who get little sleep are more likely to have behavioral problems, be prone to moodiness and have difficulty living up to their potential. Donations will help provide a tangible step toward a child’s stability--a small place to call their own and a means for improving their sleep and the related health and educational benefits that sleep provides.”

The Fund's mission is to enhance the lives of children in foster care and at-risk youth in the Alexandria community who are identified by Department of Community and Human Services family service specialists. Learn more about the Fund and how to support children in foster care or at risk of abuse and neglect at

Donate online now through April 28.