Proclamation Recognizes Fatherhood Awareness Month

Page updated on Jun 17, 2021 at 3:02 PM

Proclamation Recognizes Fatherhood Awareness Month


Fatherhood Proclamation High ResJune 17, 2021--On June 14, Alexandria Mayor Justin Wilson issued a proclamation recognizing June as National Fatherhood Awareness Month.

The annual awareness month celebrates fathers and the crucial role they and other paternal family members play in children’s growth, development and well-being. The proclamation highlighted that children with engaged fathers are more likely to have better social connections, perform better in school, and succeed as an adult and are at decreased risk of things like poverty, mental illness, teen pregnancy, substance misuse and more. Read the proclamation.

“With this proclamation, the City of Alexandria acknowledges that relationships with fathers and their children have a unique significance throughout the entire life of a child and for generations to follow,” says Family Services Specialist Emery Jeffries, who coordinates fatherhood engagement services for DCHS. “The efforts to preserve, promote, enhance and sustain fatherhood are in line with the core values of the City of Alexandria.”

In conjunction with National Reunification Month, also in June, DCHs is also highlighting the importance of a father’s engagement with children in foster care during the reunification process. Foster care provides safe, temporary homes for children who cannot safely live with their families while the families work to improve their situation. Engaged fathers can increase the potential for reunification, which is the goal of child welfare programs whenever possible.

To help support fathers in the reunification process, DCHS offers specialized fatherhood engagement programs like Fathers In Touch, which gives fathers the opportunity to develop workplace, leadership and parenting and relationship skills. Learn more about fatherhood engagement programs.

Throughout June, DCHS is highlighting links and resources on Facebook and Twitter about foster care, fatherhood and reunification, and how residents can support Alexandria’s at-risk families and children. Learn more about these programs and services at