DCHS Initiates New Dental, Vision and Hearing Aid Program

Page updated on Jun 25, 2021 at 10:18 AM

DCHS Initiates New Dental, Vision and Hearing Aid Program


Dental, Vision, HearingJune 25, 2021--DCHS has initiated a new Dental, Vision and Hearing Aid Program to help City residents with low incomes obtain free or low-cost dental care, prescription glasses and hearing aids.

City of Alexandria residents who need dental care and do not have health or dental insurance coverage are invited to apply. Those who are eligible will be given an intake appointment with the Northern Virginia Dental Clinic, where treatment will be provided. The program will cover the cost of the first visit to the clinic; however, all patients will be required to pay $50.00 at the first visit to cover the cost of the follow-up visit. Patients will pay $50.00 per office visit for all future visits.

City residents who need assistance purchasing eyeglasses are required to arrange to have an eye exam before applying in order to submit the prescription for glasses along with their Dental, Vision and Hearing Aid Program application.

Similarly, residents who need assistive hearing devices are required to have a hearing test and obtain a prescription for a hearing device to submit with the application.

To be eligible for the Dental, Vision and Hearing Aid Program, individuals must be residents of the City of Alexandria, meet income and resource guidelines (50% of Virginia median income guidelines), and provide additional documentation as requested to show proof of residency, proof of income and proof of other resources. Immigration status is not requested.

Residents can apply online in English, Amharic, Farsi or Spanish, or call DCHS Customer Relations at 703.746.5700 or walk-in to the DCHS office located at 2525 Mt. Vernon Avenue. Patients of the Alexandria Health Department (AHD) or clients of the Alexandria Community Services Board (CSB) should apply through their provider at the AHD or CSB.

This article is a slightly edited version of a DCHS news release.