Alexandria Family Child Care Providers Focus on School Readiness Challenges

Page archived as of November 23, 2015

Alexandria Family Child Care Providers Focus on School Readiness Challenges

For Immediate Release: October 28, 2015

The Early Childhood Division of the Department of Community and Human Services (DCHS) recently sponsored a conference on school readiness for 60 family child care providers registered with DCHS. Representatives included individuals from many different cultures and at least one person from every continent and from various countries of origin. 

This diversity strengthens the network of care by family child care providers, who share a desire to contribute to the growth and development of the city’s children and support their success. School readiness is crucial for all children, particularly for those facing challenges such as limited access to quality early care and education programs. In Alexandria, a richly diverse network of family child care providers supports these children and contributes to their growth, development and success in school.

The conference gave participants the opportunity to increase their circle of friends among the provider community, share their successes and challenges, and learn about activities and experiences that support brain development and prepare children for success in school.

One presentation focused on the use of the Ages and Stages Questionnaire 3 (ASQ-3), a child development screening tool used for more than 20 years to assess the development of children ages one month to five-and-a-half years. This tool helps providers see how children are advancing in certain skill areas such as social, problem-solving, communication, and physical ability, and identify the need for early intervention services to help children catch up if they are found to have a delay in a certain development area. 

To find out more about Alexandria’s early childhood programs or family child care providers, visit or contact the Early Childhood Division at 703.746.5437.