Alexandria's Economic Opportunities Commission

Alexandria's Economic Opportunities Commission (EOC) serves as an advocate on behalf of low-income families in Alexandria, Virginia.

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Economic Opportunities Commission

The EOC, which serves as an advisory commission to Alexandria's Community Action Agency, advises the Alexandria City Council, the Virginia State Legislature and the Virginia Congressional delegation about legislative matters regarding issues including:

  • Employment 
  • Affordable housing 
  • Health care 
  • Homeless prevention 
  • Utility costs 
  • Abusive lending practices 

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Community Needs Assessment

The Economic Opportunities Commission (EOC) is currently working on a community needs assessment. The needs assessment will allow the EOC to understand the scope of emerging and ongoing needs of economically insecure residents in our community and educate community residents and leaders about the identified needs and provide input on strategies to address these needs. Flyer

Below are links to the 2018 Community Needs Assessment Survey.  Results will be available at a later date.

Community Action 

The Economic Opportunities Commission (EOC) serves as an advocate for the City of Alexandria’s most vulnerable residents. The EOC serves as the commission to Alexandria’s Community Action Agency and advises the Alexandria City Council, the Virginia State Legislature, and the Virginia Congressional delegation about legislative matters and issues affecting low-income households.

 The anti‑poverty mission of Community Action is to help people help themselves.  Programs stress self‑help, self‑reliance and developing solutions to problems in partnership with the low-income community.  Through education, advocacy, and direct service programs, Community Action aspires to eliminate barriers to self‑sufficiency, meet basic needs and ensure every individual has the opportunity to reach their maximum potential.

Community Action Program Standards

Community Action Plan

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Advocacy Efforts

Resolution 830

Route 1 South Housing Affordability| Calendar of Events

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Meetings and Events

March 2018| Agenda and Related Documents: Minutes

February 2018| Agenda and Related Documents: Community Needs Assessment flyer, By-Laws for final approval, Second Quarter Report

January 2018 | Agenda and Related Documents: Needs Assessment English, Needs Assessment Spanish, Needs Assessment Amharic, Needs Assessment Arabic, By-Laws with suggested updates

December 2017| Agenda and Related Documents: Needs Assessment Draft, Minutes

December 11, 2017 | EOC members will attend a community meeting for the Fairlington Presbyterian Church affordable housing project on Mon, Dec 11, 7 PM at Fairlington Presbyterian Church, 3846 King Street. Please see the flyer for more information.

November 2017 | Agenda and Related Documents: First Quarter Report, Boards and Commissions FY 19 Priorities Letter, Workforce Development Center presentation, Alexandria Small Business Development Center presentation

October 2017 | Agenda

September 2017 | Agenda and Related Documents: Fourth Quarter Report, EOC Survey, City Strategic Plan

June 2017 | Minutes