Recruitment Services

The City of Alexandria Workforce Development Center simplifies the hiring process by partnering with the area businesses to provide cost-free hiring solutions. We recruit, screen, evaluate, and match job seekers with employer needs and skill requirements.

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Recruitment Services

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Additional services include: 

Manage Jobs - Select this option to add a new, or change an existing job listing you wish to display online using our Job Order System. Here you can also review potential candidates that are interested in a specific job posting.

Candidate Search - Select this option to find and review the Resumes of candidates that have the qualifications you need. If you have a Resume number from a previous search, click here to search by that number. 

Manage Job Applicants - Select this option to view a list of your job orders that individuals have applied to. From here, you will be able to view their Resumes (if attached) and indicate their status.

Schedule Recruitment - Select this option to contact a Business Services Specialist to schedule a hiring event such as a Career/Job Fair, meeting room, screening for potential candidates or facilities for interviewing and training.