Information about WDC incentives.

Page updated on Apr 25, 2016 at 2:55 PM

The City of Alexandria Workforce Development Center finds quality employees for area businesses. Our business services team works with eligible businesses to assess workforce deficiencies, identify qualified candidates, and recommend training programs to meet their short and long term needs. Eligible businesses can also apply for grants to train new and current employees, ultimately allowing their businesses to succeed in the global economy.

The Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) program is a federal program established under the Trade Act of 1974. The TAA program offers a variety of benefits and reemployment services to help unemployed workers prepare for and obtain suitable employment. Workers may be eligible for training, job search and relocation allowances, income support, and other reemployment services. Click here for more information.

•Workforce Training
•Discretionary Incentives
•Locality or Regional Specific

Disclaimer(s): Incentives are site dependent, Incentives may have minimum requirements, Incentives may require Performance Agreement and may have a claw-back conditions, and Project announcement may be tied to a Governor's Press Release. For more information about State Incentives, click here.


•Business Insurance-reimburses employer in cases of theft, forgery, larceny or embezzlement
•Must be “desired or required” by employer.
•Job offer or conditional job offer must be made.
•Covers employer up to $5000 (may be increased under special circumstances)
•Lasts six (6) months
•Employer can extend another six months by purchasing a “transfer bond” from same company at similar cost
•Bond automatically terminates after six months.

For more information about the Federal Bonding Program please click here.

Employers who are projecting layoffs of 50 or more workers are eligible for assistance from the Workforce Development Center through the Rapid Response program. Services targeted at affected workers can include career counseling, assisted job search, career seminars and career clubs, and referrals to Unemployment Insurance resources.