Bridge Repair - Van Dorn over Holmes Run Project

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Project Description

The City of Alexandria is designing repairs to the culvert on Van Dorn St. at Holmes Run. Each year, Federal officials conduct bridge inspections throughout the city as part of the Bridge Inspection Program, in an effort to extend the life of bridges by maintaining their condition. Following completion of the 2020  inspection, the City established a long term maintenance plan and identified a series of immediate repairs required to extend the life of this culvert. The solution under design currently includes preventive and restorative maintenance such as repairs to the concrete bridge walls and concrete slabs, and metal pipe culvert repair and will be funded through Capital Budget. 

121443-Van Dorn Culvert Over Holmes Run-Photo-2021.03.29

Photo of Van Dorn Bridge over Holmes Run

121443-Van Dorn Culvert Over Holmes Run-Map-2021.03.29

Area map of Van Dorn over Holmes Run Bridge Repair Project Location



May 2020 – April 2021  


Anticipated Start Date: April 2021 

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Contact Information 

Ayoub Hassen, DPI Project Manager, 703.746.4635