King & West Combined Sewer Diversion Structure Project

The City of Alexandria will be employing the services of Sagres Construction Company for the construction of a new sanitary sewer diversion structure on North West Street near the intersection with King Street. The purpose of the project is to improve system maintenance in accordance with regulatory requirements.

Page updated on Oct 21, 2015 at 3:05 PM

The City of Alexandria will be employing the construction services of Sagres Construction Company to replace the existing CSO diversion structure with a new combined sewer overflow (CSO) diversion structure, manhole and connecting sewer and appurtenances.
Detour Map v2
The project site is located on West Street immediately north of the intersection with King Street. Work will occupy the west sidewalk area, the southbound lane of travel and most of the northbound lane of travel and will require a road closure and detour during part of the duration of the project.

Public meetings were held on December 9th and 19th at the Durant Center. The project meeting letter and the presentation given can be reached by following the links.

This new structure will be more accessible to City personnel and enable maintenance and observation with greater efficiency and safety than the previous structure. The project provides for the installation of an underground concrete structure to replace the existing diversion chamber.

Safe access for observation of the condition and maintenance of the CSO is a primary part of the purpose of the project. The improvement to the CSO structure is a requirement of the City’s combined sewer system VPDES permit issued by the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality.
King West View Facing South
In addition, the work includes the proper abandonment of portions of the existing infrastructure that will no longer be utilized upon completion of the project. There are utilities located within the footprint of these structures that have been abandoned by others that will have to be removed as part of this work. A water main and a communications duct bank have been rerouted and abandoned by the respective utility owners. In addition, lighting power will be interrupted during the construction of this project and reinstated as part of the completion of the project.

The work will commence the week of March 3 and last four months. The final work activity will be full restoration of the curb, sidewalk and street infrastructure in the work area to City of Alexandria Design and Construction Standards.

For further information please contact the Project Engineer, Emilio Pundavela, P.E., at 703.746.4095 or