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Adaptive Control & Broadband Link Project

The Adaptive Control & Broadband Link Project implements an upgrade to the City’s existing Traffic Control System (TCS), that serves multiple modes of transportation including pedestrians, transit and emergency vehicles, heavy and general vehicles. The City’s Transportation Division routinely updates signal timing plans to respond to changing traffic conditions. One method for obtaining real-time data is the use of the City’s Closed-Circuit Television System (CCTV). Incorporating this technology with the TCS aids the City in updating the signal timing plans. The current traffic signal system deploys time of day signal timing plans to account for the traffic changes during the day. The current signal system has outgrown its capacity to adapt to ever changing roadway traffic conditions. Traffic congestion conditions are no longer directional and no longer limited to peak hours. Roadway networks frequently experience incidents such as multi-vehicle accidents, police activities, stalled vehicles, construction, etc. causing unpredictable congestion throughout the City. In addition, the use of the mobile apps by drivers creates dynamic traffic patterns that are unpredictable. Upgrading the central control system to a multimodal Adaptive Traffic Control System (ATCS) that dynamically adapts to changing traffic conditions is needed to ensure optimum performance of the City’s roadway facilities, and maximize mobility. To accommodate the advanced technology application in ATCS, the existing signal system and intersection detection systems need to be upgraded to optimize network operations in real-time. The existing detection system is inadequate to support the future ATCS operations.  This project will implement the necessary technology to optimize the City’s signal network.

Beauregard Sanitary Sewer Relocation

The City of Alexandria proposes to repair damage to an existing 12-inch sanitary sewer main along 1200 block of North Beauregard Street. Past CCTV inspection of the sanitary sewer recorded structural damage and conveyance restriction in the 12-inch pipe. The issue was confirmed to be caused by a storm inlet along the sewer main. Project is currently under design. Construction is expected to start and finish within the second quarter of 2019.

Beauregard Sanitary Sewer Relocation

Ben Brenman Pond Retrofit

Ben Brenman Pond, also called Cameron Station Pond, is located in Ben Brenman Park.  The Ben Brenman Pond Stormwater Retrofit Project will retrofit the existing stormwater wet pond to a "Level 2" stormwater wet pond.  This wet pond currently acts as a stormwater BMP to help filter pollutants, such as nitrogen, phosphorous, and sediment out of the stormwater that enters the pond.  The project goals are to upgrade the pond to better treat stormwater runoff to help meet Chesapeake Bay cleanup mandates and protect downstream waterways, include native landscaping to discourage geese and provide habitat for riparian birds and animals. The project will also add educational signage with ecological and stormwater information around the trail. Construction is anticipated to begin in late summer 2018/ early fall 2018

An Open House will be held prior to construction. Once further details are known they will be posted here and announced through the adjacent civic associations. 

ben brenman small  

Eisenhower Avenue Metro

This project proposes new bus loading areas, new standard WMATA bus shelters, relocating the kiss-and-ride facility, relocating the car share spaces, providing spaces for private shuttles, and the creation of an enhanced pedestrian plaza at the Eisenhower Metrorail Station.  The goal of this project is to improve the overall experience of Metrorail users.

 Eisenhower Avenue Metro     

Eisenhower Avenue Widening Project

This project consists of the construction of a left turn lane from westbound Eisenhower Avenue to southbound Mill Road, the widening of Mill Road to accommodate the newly constructed left turn lane, and the removal of the existing traffic circle and the construction of a T-intersection at Eisenhower Avenue and Holland Lane.  Sidewalk BMPs will be constructed as part of the enhanced streetscape to be installed along Eisenhower Avenue between Mill Road and Holland Lane.  Construction is anticipated to begin late Fall 2019.

Eisenhower Ave

Fillmore Avenue Sewer Replacement

The Fillmore Avenue Sewer Replacement project will repair damage to an existing 10-inch sanitary sewer main along Fillmore Avenue between N. Beauregard Street and Seminary Road.  CCTV inspection of the sanitary sewer recorded structural damage at the invert of the 10-inch main. The project proposes to relocate a portion of the main towards the center of the street and replace other damaged portions. Project is currently under design.

Four Mile Run Connector Bridge 

This project consists of the design of a single span pedestrian and bicycle bridge approximately 10’ wide x 120’ long crossing over an unnamed tributary in the Four Mile Run Park. The existing trail has only one entrance/exit at the western side of the park, leading trail users to a dead end. This bridge connector project would install pre-fabricated bridge over the marsh and to the eastern part of the park at the softball field. Construction is anticipated to begin in Winter 2019.

  1 FMR   FMR 2

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This Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) project will expand the communications network installed in Phases I and II.  ITS Phase III will install additional traffic surveillance cameras, new fiber and conduit, a road weather information system (RWIS), a real-time conditions map, and an expansion of the City’s existing traffic management video wall. Completion of this project will replace much of the City’s thirty-year-old traffic signal communications and provide the public safety department technology to monitor conditions on the City’s roadways.  This project will further the City’s goal to construct an urban transportation management system that will improve mobility in Alexandria through sound engineering, design, and technology implementation.

Joseph Hensley Park Renovation

The Joseph Hensley Park Renovation project will include the renovation, replacement, and/or improvement of park facilities per the concept included in the 2014 Citywide Parks Improvement Plan.  Generally, this includes the replacement of three softball fields and the conversion of one rectangular field to artificial turf.  Sport lighting shall be modernized to accommodate the newly renovated sport fields.  Vehicular improvements include a formal access drive with improved ingress and egress, an expansion to the existing parking lot, stormwater management BMPs, and the addition of a new parking lot to increase parking capacity.  Restroom facilities, existing equipment storage and the maintenance area shall be relocated.  Pedestrian accessibility and circulation improvements are also included.  Funding for the design and construction of the project is in the CIP for FY2017 and FY2018.

The Citywide Parks Improvement Plan includes an alternate plan for an indoor athletic field (field #2) which is excluded from the Scope of Work for this project.

joseph park small

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King Callahan Russell Intersection Improvement Project

The King-Callahan-Russell Access to Transit Improvements project is a grant funded project to improve pedestrian and bicycle access to the King Street Metro Station. This is an intersection design project with the goal of enhancing safety for all roadway users. By improving safety and accessibility at this intersection, more people will be able to walk and bike to transit. Design began in May 2018. More information about this upcoming project can be found here.


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Lucky Run Stream Restoration

This project is a stream restoration of Lucky Run between West Braddock Rd and the existing stormwater pond at the Palazzo at Park Center property.  Lucky Run is exhibiting deteriorating water quality and substantial erosion along its banks, threatening valuable infrastructure.  The project will utilize natural channel design techniques to improve the stream’s function, habitat, and water quality.  The project will significantly reduce the sediment build-up downstream, protect existing utilities and mitigate further erosion of the adjacent walking paths utilized by area residents.  In addition, the project will considerably enhance the aesthetics of the stream corridor, making this area a true amenity. 

Lucky Run Existing Condition  Lucky Run Proposed

Picture (left) – Existing erosion at Lucky Run

Picture (right) – Proposed rendering of stream restoration

Mt. Vernon Avenue - Pedestrian and ADA Improvements to Transit Stops (Phase II)

The City of Alexandria is scheduled to resurface Mt. Vernon Avenue between Braddock Road and Hume Avenue.  In conjunction with the resurfacing, the City plans to install ADA-compliant pedestrian improvements at some transit stops and intersections.  Bicycle signage and on-street markings (sharrows) will also be added.  Interim street maintenance is scheduled for summer/fall 2016. Pedestrian improvements are scheduled to be constructed in 2018/2019 and final resurfacing is scheduled for mid-2019 to early-2020. 

Mt Vernon

For additional background, please visit our Complete Streets project page here.

Mount Vernon Trail at East Abingdon Road  

The City will be using federal and state funds to improve safety and accessibility for trail users on the Mount Vernon Trail. This trail is a designated segment of the Potomac Heritage National Scenic Trail. The project shall start 150 feet north of the intersection of Slater’s Lane and E. Abingdon Drive and along Slate’s Lane between East Abingdon and West Abingdon Drives. Construction is anticipated to begin early 2021.

Mount Vernon Trail at East Abingdon Road  01    

Old Cameron Run Trail 

This project will construct a shared-use path between Mill Road (near the intersection with Eisenhower Avenue) and the existing trail located to the east of Hooffs Run. The goal of this project is to create a more direct and conflict-free connection for bicyclists and pedestrians between the Eisenhower East and Southwest Quadrant neighborhoods. Construction is anticipated to begin in spring 2020.


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Royal Street Storm Sewer Separation

This project consists of the separation of storm inlets from a sanitary sewer and then reconnecting them to an existing storm sewer in the 300 block of North Royal Street. Construction is anticipated to begin in fall 2018.

Royal Street

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Second Street - Green Infrastructure Demonstration Project 

The City is planning to construct a green infrastructure demonstration project along Second Street between North Pitt and North Royal Streets.  In line with the City’s Eco-City initiatives, ‘Green infrastructure’ is an approach to managing stormwater by infiltrating it into the ground to recharge the groundwater rather than conveying it to the sewer system. The project will reduce the existing paved area and will create green space for trees and a series of bioretention facilities. Construction is anticipated to begin Winter 2019. 

The City held a public meeting on October 17th, 2017 at City Hall to present the project within the framework of other ongoing City initiatives such as the Combined Sewer Long Term Control Plan and the Old Town North Small Area Plan.  The City held a follow-up meeting on October 27th, 2017 to present the project to the Old Town North small area plan advisory committee.  A copy of the presentation can be found here:  


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Wheeler Avenue Sewer Replacement

The Wheeler Ave Sewer Replacement Project will reroute an existing sanitary sewer line from underneath a building at 4205 Wheeler Ave.  This project will provide access so the City can maintain and clean the sanitary sewer system.  Construction is expected to begin in the Spring of 2019. 

wheeler ave