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The Department of Project Implementation coordinates with other City departments, specialty contractors, and engineering and construction management firms to construct capital infrastructure projects.

Page updated on Dec 17, 2018 at 2:20 PM

Citywide Bus Shelters

The City has awarded a contract to the Russell Gage Corporation for the construction of the bus shelter improvements at various locations in the City of Alexandria. The work will include the installation of new bus shelter pads and related site work. To date, 23 bus shelters have been constructed and opened to the public. The 23 bus shelter locations are as listed below.  A notification will be posted at the existing bus shelter location two weeks prior to construction. Construction activities are anticipated to be completed by Winter of 2018. This project is being partially funded by the Northern Virginia Transportation Authority.

For any questions or comments regarding this project, please contact the City’s project manager, Murphy Ng, at Muphy.Ng@alexandriava.gov or 703.746.4699.

Project Photos

Click on the project address for a photo of the completed bus shelter.

Fayette Streetscape

The City has awarded a contract to D & F Construction Inc. for the construction of streetscape improvements on N. Fayette Street between Queen Street and Oronoco Street. Improvements include the installation of bump outs, widen and replace existing concrete sidewalks with brick sidewalks, and the planting of trees.

The contractor has completed all work except for the planting of trees (currently scheduled to be installed in spring).

Utility poles on the east side of N. Fayette Street between Princess Street and Oronoco Street are to be relocated in spring. 

Complete Project  (Click Image to Enlarge):
Fayette Street Complete

Photos of Completed Sidewalk Improvements as of December 13, 2018:
Fayette Streetscape Construction Complete - Photo of Corner 2018.12.14   Fayette Streetscape Project Update Photo of Sidewalk 1 2018.12.14   Fayette Streetscape Project Update Photo of Sidewalk 2 2018.12.14

King & Beauregard Intersection Improvement

The King and Beauregard Intersection Improvement Project will create a multi-modal environment and promote safety for pedestrians and motorists by adding an additional left turn lane in each direction on King Street, medians on King Street, and a 10’ shared use path on portions of King Street.  The improvements will increase capacity and safety through the corridor. The project is funded by State Urban funds and City funds.

The project is being implemented in three phases.

Phase I consists of grading, curb and gutter and retaining walls that need to be constructed prior to the utility relocation. The Phase I construction was substantially completed in December 2017.

The next phase of the project is the relocation of existing utilities which should be completed before construction of Phase II begins. The utility relocation is expected to be completed Summer of 2019.

Phase II improvements include: an additional turn lane in each direction on King Street, medians, curb and gutter, sidewalk, pavement, drainage, storm water management, traffic signal and crosswalk upgrades.  The Phase II construction is anticipated to begin spring of 2020 and completed fall of 2021. 

An exhibit showing the location of the work to be performed is attached below.  For additional background information on this project, please go to  https://www.alexandriava.gov/KingBeauregard 

  king 1

     click here to enlarge image

    Retaining Wall - 3 (1)      Retaining Wall - 3 (2)

King Street-Old Town Metro Access Improvement Project

Beginning in August 2018, the City and WMATA began construction on the King Street-Old Town Metrorail Station Access Improvement project. This long-standing project will improve access and safety at the station, aligning the project with the City's Vision Zero initiative. During construction, the King Street-Old Town Metrorail Station will remain open with no impact to train service, but there will be significant changes to areas outside the station during construction . Any questions related to this project should be directed to the City's project manager, Reginald Arno at reginald.arno@alexandriava.gov or at 703.746.4631.   

      King Street Metro Access Improvements         

Marina Utility Improvement 

The City is upgrading the electrical and plumbing systems of piers along the Potomac River, east of Union Street between King Street and Queen Street.

Construction activities began in August 2018.  The project is anticipated to be completed in late fall 2018.   Any questions related to this project should be directed to the City’s project manager, Brian Meli, at brian.meli@alexandriava.gov or at 703.746.4632.

Marina Utility 10.30.18  Marina Utility 10.30.18 2

Left:  Previous Existing G/H Pier with outdated electrical & plumbing systems

Right:  Completed G/H Pier with updated power & plumbing pedestals

Windmill Hill Shoreline Rehabilitation Project  

Construction at Windmill Hill Park is nearing completion with many major elements of work finished.  The contractor has successfully constructed the living shoreline and has established the living shoreline and landscape plantings.  The Gibbon Street outfall has been stabilized with stream restoration features and planted with native plants.  Many site amenities have been installed, including: the pedestrian bridge, a drinking fountain, light poles, and two stone seat walls.  Site furnishings such as benches, trash receptacles, and bicycle loops, have also been installed. 

Work remaining includes: final placement of sod, topdressing pedestrian paths, testing of, and adjustment to, the irrigation system, installation of remaining plants, and overall site and debris cleanup.

Once all proposed elements are installed, the City will conduct a final inspection of the work to identify any outstanding items that must be addressed by the contractor prior to final completion.  The contractor will then have 30 days to complete the punch list work.  Once the punch list items are addressed, and the turf areas are established, the park will be opened to the public.

Any questions related to this project should be directed to the City’s project manager, Matthew Landes, at  matthew.landes@alexandriava.gov or at 703.746.4122.   

Windmill HIll 1 10.10.2018  Windmill HIll 2 10.10.2018  Windmill HIll 3 10.10.2018