DPI Construction Projects

Page updated on Sep 16, 2020 at 9:23 AM

Citywide Municipal Fiber Project

Phase: Construction

Project Description: Coming Soon

Contact Information: Tafesse Gyes, DPI Construction Division Chief, tafesse.gyes@alexandriava.gov, 703.746.4051

Eisenhower Avenue Roadway Improvements

Phase: Construction

Project Description: This project includes the addition of a second left turn lane on westbound Eisenhower Avenue at the intersection of Eisenhower Avenue and Mill Road; enhancement of the receiving lanes on southbound Mill Road to align with thenew intersection configuration; conversion of the traffic Circle at Eisenhower Avenue and Holland Lane into a T-intersection; resurfacing of the full width of Eisenhower Avenue between Mill Road and Holland Lane; and, installation of street lighting and sidewalk upgrades on the north side of Eisenhower Avenue between Mill Road and Elizabeth Lane, and both sides of Eisenhower Avenue between John Carlyle Street and Holland Lane. Construction is scheduled to begin in late Fall 2020 and will continue until Spring 2022.

View a video presentation on the project and the improvements planned for Eisenhower Avenue.

Additional information about this project is available on the Eisenhower Avenue Widening and Roadway Improvement Project webpage.

Contact Information: Demond Frazier, DPI Project Manager, demond.frazier@alexandriava.gov, 703.746.4632

King Street-Old Town Metro Access Improvement Project

Phase: Construction

Project Update: The King Street-Old Town Metro Access Improvement Project has experienced delays since construction began in November 2018. As of August 2020, Phase 1 (the bus loop) is anticipated to take approximately 4-6 months to reopen. This accounts for construction of the bus loop, restoration of utilities, intersection signalization, and integration into the DASH, WMATA, and City traffic operations systems. Phase 2 is anticipated to be completed in Spring 2021, but this is subject to change. 

Project Description: The King Street-Old Town Metrorail Station has experienced significant growth in bus service and overall Metro ridership since the development of Upper King Street and Carlyle started in the early 2000s. Today, it is the largest transit facility in the City and provides access to multi-modal transportation options including the WMATA Metrorail system, Metro and DASH buses, the King Street Trolley, Capital Bikeshare stations, bicycle parking, car share, taxis, private shuttles, and individual automobiles. 

      King Street Metro Access Improvements

The City is undertaking this project to:

  • Improve pedestrian safety and access
  • Add three additional bus bays to meet current and future demand
  • Improve traffic flow through and around the station
  • Designate new areas for bicycle parking, shuttles, Kiss & Ride and taxis
  • Improve landscaping, lighting, and overall aesthetics
  • Establish a framework for future expansion (if required)

Construction Schedule: The project will take place in two phases and is anticipated to be complete in mid-to-late 2020.

  • Preliminary Construction: August to November 2018
  • Phase 1 (New Bus Loop): Winter 2020/2021 
  • Phase 2 (New Kiss & Ride, Taxi, Shuttle, and Car Share Areas): Spring 2021

Temporary Construction Impacts:

  • Pedestrian Access
    • Pedestrians using the Carlyle tunnel must cross Diagonal Road at Duke Street and again mid-block
    • Pedestrian paths will be added:
      • Between the main entrance of the station to the mid-block crosswalk
      • Between the bus waiting area at Diagonal Road through the construction area
      • Between the main entrance and King Street, near the station
  • Bus Service
    • Existing bus loading area will be closed
    • Bus bays will be relocated to:
      • Diagonal Road
      • Daingerfield Road
      • Cameron Street and King Street
    • Wayfinding signs will direct bus riders to their temporary bay
  • Parking
    • Existing parking lot will be closed
    • On-street parking will be removed from:
      • Diagonal Road (north side)
      • Daingerfield Road (portions)
      • King Street (adjacent King Street Gardens)
    • Locations of alternate parking in Old Town can be found here
  • Kiss & Ride
    • Kiss & Ride area will be closed
    • Customers who use these areas should use either Eisenhower Avenue or Braddock Road Metrorail stations
  • Taxi Access
    • Taxi pick up and drop off will be temporarily relocated to the north side of Cameron Street, east of the King Street-Old Town Metrorail station entrance at Commonwealth Avenue
    • Taxis may also use the zone in front of Embassy Suites Hotel or Alexandria Union Station
  • Shuttle Service
    • There will be no shuttle area within the station
    • All local shuttle service must use either Eisenhower Avenue or Braddock Road Metrorail stations
  • Bicycle Parking
    • Bicycle parking will be provided at the station
    • Capital Bikeshare stations on Diagonal Road and Commonwealth Avenue will remain open

For more information, read about Frequently Asked Questions or visit the King Street-Old Town Metro Access Improvement Project (Transportation and Environmental Services) for background information on the project.

Additional Information: Vision Zero

Contact Information: Reginald Arno, DPI Project Manager,   reginald.arno@alexandriava.gov, 703.746.4631

Mt. Vernon Avenue - Pedestrian and ADA Improvements to Transit Stops (Phase II)

Phase: Construction

Project Description: The City of Alexandria is scheduled to resurface Mt. Vernon Avenue between Braddock Road and Hume Avenue.  In conjunction with the resurfacing, the City plans to install ADA-compliant pedestrian improvements at some transit stops and intersections.  Bicycle signage and on-street markings (sharrows) will also be added.  Interim street maintenance is scheduled for summer/fall 2016. Pedestrian improvements are scheduled to be constructed in 2018/2019 and final resurfacing is scheduled for mid-2019 to early-2020. 

For additional background, please visit our Complete Streets project page  here.

Contact Information: David Le, DPI Project Manager,  david.le@alexandriava.gov, 703.746.4058

Project Photo:

Mt Vernon

Oronoco Outfall Remediation and Maintenance

Phase: Construction

Project Description: The City is committed to addressing the environmental concerns associated with ATG – Oronoco site and has entered it into Virginia’s Voluntary Remediation Program (VRP). Securing the site and ensuring all program requirements are met requires ongoing testing, maintenance, and remediation, if necessary.

More information can be found on the Oronoco Outfall Remediation Project webpage.

Contact Information: Tafesse Gyes, Division Chief of Construction, tafesse.gyes@alexandriava.gov, 703.746.4051

Potomac Yard Metrorail Station

Phase: Construction

Project Description: Planning is underway to construct a new Metro Station along the Blue and Yellow lines on the east side of Potomac Yards. Information about the Potomac Yard Metrorail Station project can be found on the project webpages.

Contact Information: Daphne Kott, DPI Project Manager, daphne.kott@alexandriava.gov, 703.746.4055

Second Street Green Infrastructure Demonstration Project 

Phase: Construction Procurement

Project Description: The City is planning to construct a green infrastructure demonstration project along Second Street between North Pitt and North Royal Streets.  In line with the City’s  Eco-City initiatives, ‘Green infrastructure’ is an approach to managing stormwater by infiltrating it into the ground to recharge the groundwater rather than conveying it to the sewer system. The project will reduce the existing paved area and will create green space for trees and a series of bioretention facilities. Construction is anticipated to begin Winter 2019. 

Contact Information: Demond Frazier, DPI Project Manager, demond.frazier@alexandriava.gov, 703.746.4632