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Page updated on Aug 5, 2020 at 2:33 PM

Election Day Page Program

Alexandria is introducing an Election Day Page Program for students who are not yet old enough to serve as Election Officers. Virginia Code is very specific about what these volunteers may (and may not) do on Election Day:

They may:
• Hand out “I Voted” stickers
• Remind voters they need to present an acceptable ID
• Distribute constitutional amendment brochures
• Assist with language translations before voter enters voting booth
• Monitor the 40-ft line outside the polling place
• Keep pens in the voting booths and recycle any informational material left behind by voters
• Count out blank ballots each time a new pack is opened
• Assist with the calculation of wait times (if we decide to measure wait times)
• Help with line management inside the precinct (if necessary)
• Use the “Look-Up” tablets to make sure voters are at the correct polling place (if necessary)
They may not:
• Enter a voting booth
• Check voters into an Electronic Pollbook
• Handle ballots (except to count out blank ballots when new packs are opened)

If you are interested in serving as a High School page, please email voters@alexandriava.gov for more information.