Campaign Finance Reports

Local Political Parties and General Assembly candidates are authorized to file electronically with the State Board of Elections or locally with the Alexandria Electoral Board. Only local filings are posted on this web site.

Page updated on Jan 7, 2021 at 4:50 PM

Beginning with the reporting period that starts July 1, 2018, all candidates must now file their campaign finance reports electronically with the Virginia Department of Elections.

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2021 Reporting Deadlines and Filing Schedule

For local elections, new "Statements of Organization" will be highlighted under each office.

Please note: The Statement of Organization is not required to qualify for the ballot; however, it is required to be filed by anyone seeking or campaigning for an elected office who meets the conditions outlined in Virginia Code. The failure to file the Statement of Organization is not cause for disqualification but will subject a candidate to penalties imposed by the Campaign Finance Disclosure Act. Candidates for local and constitutional offices must file the Statement of Organization with the general registrar in the candidate’s locality of residence and with the Virginia Department of Elections.