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The Emergency Medical Services Council advises City Council with respect to the provision of training to emergency rescue technicians, the acquisition of therapeutic and record-keeping equipment, the provision of a medical communication network, application to various grant sources, disaster planning, and such other matters as the City Council may refer to the Council.

EMS Council Membership

The Council meets quarterly at the call of the Chair.

Members : 16

2 Year Term

  • 12 Members appointed by City Council
  • 1 Emergency Room Physician from Alexandria Hospital
  • 1 Representative of the Alexandria Medical Society who has privileges at Alexandria Hospital
  • 1 Representative of the Emergency Nurses Association from Alexandria Hospital
  • 1 Representative of the Hospital Administration at Alexandria Hospital
  • 1 Representative of the Federation of Civic Associations
  • 1 Representative of the Alexandria Red Cross
  • 4 Citizens
  • 1 Representative of nursing homes located in the City
  • Alexandria's Operational Medical Director
  • 4 Ex Officio Members :
    • The City Manager or designee
    • the Fire Chief
    • the Director of the Fire Department Emergency Medical Services Division;
    • and one Emergency Rescue Technician selected from among the City's Emergency Rescue Technicians by his peers through a voting process established by the Fire Chief

Current Council Members

  • John Audett
  • Anthony Barone
  • Robert Callahan
  • Thomas Clark
  • Michele Evans
  • Brett Fitzgerald
  • Joseph Marfori
  • Ellen McHugh
  • Paul Prevost - Chair
  • W. Scooter Slade
  • Andrew Snead
  • Adam Thiel
  • Converse West

Contact Information

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Council Objectives

  1. To provide a means by which the City of Alexandria's Emergency Medical Services' interests can be appropriately represented at a local, state, regional and federal levels.
  2. To coordinate and improve the delivery of the emergency medical services in the City of Alexandria and thereby facilitate th ehighest possible quality of emergency medical care to the citizens of Alexandria.
  3. To serve as a principal advisory body to the City Council on matters including EMs equipment, personnel, need for additional medical facilities and/or the expansion thereof. To develop goals and facilitate comprehensive emergency medical services plans and priorities and to stimulate actions, coordinate and otherwise ensure maximum use of existing and future emergency medical facilities, services and manpower compatible with health delivery systems in the region.
  4. To represent the the interests of the City in state, interstate and national emergency medical services planning and programs.
  5. To look for cause application to be made for outside funding from the state, federal and other available resources, and to give approval or disapproval on same.

Meeting Agenda/Minutes