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Page updated on Aug 3, 2021 at 2:14 PM
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Learn how to register to do business with the City of Alexandria, Alexandria City Public Schools, Alexandria ReNew Enterprises, and DASH Transit Services.  Purchasing staff will explain the registration systems and requirements, review current solicitation opportunities, and answer questions about doing business with the City. Staff will also explain how to register as a Small, Woman-Owned, or Minority Owned business, and/or Veteran Owned and Disabled Owned businesses.  All current and prospective vendors are welcome.

Register with the City as a SWaM Vendor

The City uses an online portal where vendors can to view and update their information, view and bid on City contracts and solicitations, and monitor the status of payments. To register as a vendor or maintain your vendor account, login through the Vendor Self-Service (VSS) portal. If you are a SWaM vendor certified by the Commonwealth of Virginia, make sure to select that option during registration.

Small Business Development Center

The Alexandria Small Business Development Center (SBDC) provides free tools, resources, and confidential services to small businesses in the City of Alexandria. They offer assistance to help start, manage, and grow your business, host workshops and events, can counsel your organization when issues arise.


For questions about the City’s SWaM program, please contact Jason Hawkins at

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