Payment FAQs and Information

Page updated on Jul 13, 2021 at 9:54 AM

Payment FAQs and Information

  • Is there a credit card processing fee?
    Yes. The City’s vendor charges a flat processing fee of $1 per transaction plus a 2.25% Merchant’s Fee on the total of the payment for real estate and personal property taxes, and a flat $3 fee for parking tickets. These charges do not represent revenue to the City. Bank Account Direct Debit (eCheck) payments for real estate and personal property taxes do not incur fees. There is no eCheck option for payment of parking tickets at this time. 
  • What is the Business Tax Portal?
    The Business Tax Portal is an online service allowing taxpayers to securely access business tax accounts, view historical data, file tax returns, and make payments online. The portal can also link multiple tax accounts for streamlined access.
  • What should I do if my account is in collections?

    Pursuant to Va. Code 58.1-3919.1, the City refers delinquent vehicle and business tax accounts that are more than 90 days past due to Nationwide Credit Corporation (NCC) for collection.  Similarly, delinquent real estate tax accounts are referred to Taxing Authority Consulting Services (TACS) for collection. Both NCC and TACS charge the delinquent taxpayer a 20% collection fee, in addition to the total tax account balance due to the City. 

    If you have been notified that your vehicle or business personal property tax account has been referred, please contact NCC directly at, or by calling 703.776.9260. NCC is located at 5503 Cherokee Avenue, Suite 100, Alexandria, VA 22312.

    If you have been notified that your real estate tax account has been referred, please contact TACS directly at, or by calling 804.545.2500. The mailing address for TACS is P.O. Box 3180, Henrico, VA 23294-1800.

  • Why is there a big orange sticker on my windshield?
    In Spring 2019, the City stopped using boots to immobilize vehicles with unpaid taxes and switched to an orange sticker applied to the windshield. This method of immobilization can be less arduous to resolve for taxpayers. However, like a boot, removing or tampering with the windshield sticker is a crime. If the City places one of these stickers on your vehicle, please contact the Finance Department immediately at 703.746.4800 or
  • What should I do if my vehicle has been booted, immobilized, or impounded?
    The City of Alexandria cannot accept online payment for parking citations issued to booted or impounded vehicles. The boot violation must be resolved before the parking citation may be paid and verification is currently not automated. The vehicle owner may pay in person at City Hall or mail the payment. Additional assistance may be obtained by contacting the City's Treasury Division by email or by telephone at 703.746.4800.

    PLEASE NOTE: If your vehicle has been impounded but you paid NCC for delinquent parking tickets, you must visit NCC’s offices to obtain a copy of your payment receipt before going to the impound lot to pick up your vehicle.
  • What if I overpayed or need a refund?
    Requests for refunds or payment assistance should be directed to the Treasury Division by email or by phone at 703.746.4800. If an overpayment exists for personal property taxes, the Finance Department will ensure that no other outstanding balances exist before generating a refund. State Code 58.1-3913 requires that any outstanding tax or other charge must be resolved before a refund is issued.
  • What happens if my check is returned?
    Returned checks are subject to a $35 fee in accordance with state law. The City does not accept postdated checks because checks to the City are generally deposited on the date of receipt.
  • How long before my payment is posted to my tax account?
    Balances are displayed in real time. As soon as a payment is processed through one of our online payment systems, it is reflected in the displayed tax balance.
  • How do I contest a parking citation?

    There are two ways to contest a parking ticket. Within the first 10 days of receiving the citation, you may request an Administrative Review. After that, you may request a hearing in General District Court.                 

    1. Administrative Review:

    • Under certain circumstances, a ticket may be eligible for administrative review by City staff without going to court. To be eligible, the registered vehicle owner or their designee must submit a request within 10 calendar days of the issue date of the parking ticket, and one of the following circumstances must apply:
      • The violation did not occur, or the ticket was issued in error, or
      • The registered owner was not responsible, or
      • d not occur, or the ticket was issued in error, or
      • The registered owner was not responsible, or
      • There were extenuating circumstances, such as a medical emergency.
    • The result of the Administrative Review will be to either dismiss or uphold the ticket.  If the ticket is upheld, the vehicle owner must either pay the original ticket amount plus a $10 administrative review fee, or contest the ticket in Alexandria General District Court .  A $25 penalty applies to any ticket not paid or contested within 30 days of issuance.
    • To request Administrative Review, complete the online request form .

    2. General District Court:

    For more information about how to contest a parking citation in District Court or to obtain a District Court affidavit, visit the Parking Citation page.

  • What should I do if my car is impounded?
    If your vehicle has been impounded but you paid NCC for delinquent parking tickets, you must do all three of the following before going to the Impound Lot to pick up your vehicle:
    1. Pay in full all tickets that are referred to NCC;
    2. Obtain a copy of an official receipt directly from NCC, and;
    3. Confirm that all other tickets not yet referred to NCC are paid in full. You can confirm this either at City Hall, Room 1510 (Treasury Division), or online at
    Please be sure to save yourself time and unnecessary problems at the Impound Lot by carefully following each of these steps before trying to reclaim your vehicle.