Business Tax Compliance

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Business Tax Compliance is responsible for ensuring and verifying that taxpayers accurately file “self-assessed” business taxes in compliance with state and City tax laws. These taxes include (but are not limited to):

The unit is also responsible for performing fiscal impact studies, revenue monitoring, forecasts and projections, and analysis of State & local legislative activities.

Unit Objectives

The unit aims to:

  • Encourage voluntary compliance in meeting business tax responsibilities;
  • Provide assurance that taxes are properly and uniformly assessed;
  • Verify and ensure proper classification of business activities;
  • Educate taxpayers about tax laws and regulations to promote accurate tax filings and supporting documentation; and
  • Provide management with accurate and reliable tax revenue analyses.


A taxpayer can apply to the Director of Finance for a review of a previously issued assessment. The appeals process requires the objection be filed in writing, along with supporting documentation, within one year of the issuance of the assessment or audit report. If the taxpayer is dissatisfied with results of the local review, they may appeal the decision to the Tax Commissioner in the State of Virginia’s Department of Taxation.

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Tax Audit, Research & Analysis
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