Revenue Administration Division

The Revenue Administration Division assesses and enforces personal property, meal sales, transient lodging and other taxes; issues business and professional licenses, provides state income tax information, and prepares state income tax returns for City residents. This Division also administers the City's real estate tax relief programs.

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Personal Property Tax  is responsible for assessing all vehicles parked, stored or garaged in the City; processing appeals of personal property assessments; maintaining personal property tax records; and certifying qualified vehicles for Personal Property Tax Relief.

Business Tax  is responsible for issuing business and professional licenses, assessing both the Business License and Business Personal Property Taxes, and maintaining all business license and business personal property records.

Tax Services & Enforcement is responsible for managing the City's tax relief programs, assisting taxpayers with preparing State income tax returns, and collecting delinquent City taxes. This office also collects both the Daily Rental and Bank Franchise License Taxes.

Tax Audit, Research & Analysis is responsible for performing fiscal impact studies, revenue monitoring, forecasts and projections, and analysis of State & local legislative activities. This Unit is also responsible for ensuring and verifying that taxpayers accurately file “self-assessed” business taxes in compliance with state and City tax laws.

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Personal Property Tax  Personal Property (Vehicle) Tax Registration, Assessments, Relief and Account Changes 703.746.3995
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Business Tax  Business Licenses and Taxes 703.746.3903
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Tax Services & Enforcement  Real Estate and/or Personal Property Tax Relief for Elderly or Totally Disabled Persons; Real Estate Tax Exemption for Veterans with 100% Service-Connected Disabilities 703.746.3909
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  State Income Tax Preparation Assistance 703.746.3909
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  Delinquent Taxes: Collections and Payment Plans 703.746.3909
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  Short-Term (Daily) Rental Tax, Bank Franchise License Tax, Public Service Corporation assessments or Bankruptcy 703.746.3909
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Tax Audit, Research & Analysis  Meals and Beverage Tax; Transient Lodging (Hotel) Tax; Utility Tax; Communications Tax; Admissions Tax 703.746.3903
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