Admission Tax

Any person or group of persons, corporation, company, association, firm or co-partnership that charges admission to any event occurring in the City of Alexandria, irrespective of the location at which admission may be sold, must collect an admissions tax. (Some entities are exempt from the admissions tax. See below.)

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Computation of Tax

The tax is 10 percent of the admission charge, not to exceed $0.50 per person.

Due Dates

Admissions taxes are due the last day of the month following the month being reported.

Month Taxes
Collected from Customer
Due Date 
January February 28
February March 31
March April 30
April May 31
May June 30
June July 31
July August 31
August September 30
September October 31
October November 30
November December 31
December January 31

Filing Procedures

Every entity collecting the tax must file a return with the City on taxes collected on admissions, showing the number of persons admitted, the amount of admission charges collected, the amount of the taxes due, and the amount of taxes being remitted with the return. The return and payment of the taxes collected should be filed with the City on or before the last day of the month following the month being reported.

Persons liable for the tax must file returns with:

Tax Audit, Research & Analysis
Department of Finance
City of Alexandria - Miscellaneous Tax
P.O. Box 34842
Alexandria, VA 22334-0842

Payments may be submitted (along with tax returns) to the address above or submitted online by eCheck or credit card. Returns may not be submitted electronically at this time.


Tax Return for Permanent or Long-Term Venues

Prior year returns can be found here. Tax return forms for one-day or transitory events (such as carnivals) may be obtained from:

Discovery and Collections
301 King Street, Room 1700
Alexandria, VA 22314
Email: Email button(1)

Excluded from Taxation

There shall be no admissions tax on any admission charge for:

  • Any event for which the gross receipts are dedicated solely to charitable purposes;
  • Any event established solely to raise money for charitable purposes;
  • Any public or private elementary, secondary or college school-sponsored event, including events sponsored by school-recognized student organizations;
  • Entry into museums, botanical and similar gardens, and zoos; and
  • Participation as an entrant in a sporting event.

Bonds for Fiduciary Taxes

Any business more than two months past due in the payment of admissions, meal sales, or transient lodging taxes may be required to place a bond for these taxes. Since fiduciary taxes collected from customers are held in trust by the business owner, they should not be commingled with the business's operating funds.

Business Records and returns Subject to Audit

Any person liable for the tax should keep current and accurate records for City audit for a period of two years.