Alexandria Tax Guide

In addition to the general Tax Guide provided below, the City provides targeted tax guides for specific demographics.  If you're new to the City, you may wish to view our Tax Guide for New City Residents,Tax Guide for New Businesses, or Licensing and Tax Guide for Non-Profit Organizations.

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Please note that the City of Alexandria Tax Guide is a synopsis of, and not a substitute for, the Alexandria City Code, which is the authoritative reference for tax matters in the City. We encourage you to contact the City department or agency listed for updates and further information on taxes.

 Si Ud. necesita información sobre impuestos en español, puede visitar nuestra Guía de Impuestos.  Nota que en este momento, todas las formas se escriben en y se deben completar en inglés.  Los recursos adicionales en español estará disponible en el futuro.


    Property Taxes

    Tax Relief Programs

    License Taxes

    Other Local Business-Related Taxes

    Intergovernmental Taxes

    Income Taxes

    Payments: Taxes and Parking Citations

    Delinquent Taxes

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    Personal Property Tax  Personal Property (Vehicle) Tax Registration, Assessments, Relief and Account Changes 703.746.3995
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    Business Tax  Business Licenses and Taxes 703.746.3903
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    Tax Services & Enforcement  Real Estate and/or Personal Property Tax Relief for Elderly or Totally Disabled Persons; Real Estate Tax Exemption for Veterans with 100% Service-Connected Disabilities 703.746.3909
    Email:  Email button(1) 
      State Income Tax Preparation Assistance 703.746.3909
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      Delinquent Taxes: Collections and Payment Plans 703.746.3909
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      Daily Rental Tax, Bank Franchise License Tax, Public Service Corporation Assessments and Bankruptcy 703.746.3909
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    Tax Audit, Research & Analysis  Meals and Beverage Tax; Transient Lodging (Hotel) Tax; Utility Tax; Communications Tax; Admissions Tax 703.746.3903
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    Treasury Division  Real Estate Tax--Billing and Payment; Paying Taxes and Parking Citations  703.746.3902
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