Automatic Bank Debit Program

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Property owners can have their real estate taxes and refuse fees automatically paid from a checking or savings account in monthly installments or in one lump-sum payment on each of the tax due dates. This service is free. Enrollment in the Automatic Bank Debit Program does not provide an extension for payment of taxes or fees. Real estate taxes and refuse fees are due semi-annually on June 15 and November 15. If either due date falls on a City holiday or weekend, the due date will be adjusted to the next business day. Property owners who have tax escrow accounts with their mortgage companies should continue making payments to their mortgage companies rather than enrolling in this program.

Monthly Installment Option

Monthly Debit Example (PDF)

If the property owner selects the monthly installment option, the City will debit the bank account on the 5th of each month and on each due date according to the following schedule. The City will mail a tax bill directly to the property owner at least 30 days before the June and November tax due dates to confirm the due date debit amount, if applicable. Please note that the debit process will only withdraw money from your bank account if there is a remaining balance owed for the current tax year.  Once the current amount owed is satisfied, your debits will be suspended until the beginning of the next year's cycle on December 5.

Monthly Debit Schedule  Debit Amount 
December 5, January 5, February 5, March 5, April 5, and May 5    Designated Amount
June 15 Remaining Balance
July 5, August 5, September 5, and October 5 Designated Amount
November 15     Remaining Balance


Lump-Sum Payment

If the lump-sum payment option is selected, the City will debit the property owner's bank account on the June 15 and November 15 tax due dates, for the amount of the current tax and fees due for the designated account, on each of those two dates.

Enrolling in the Program

More information about enrolling in the program can be found by reading the Authorization Agreement for Electronic Funds Transfer. In order for funds to be transferred from a property owner's bank account, the City must receive a completed Authorization Agreement at least 14 days before the desired debits are to take effect.

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