Meeting June 15, 2011

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City of Alexandria
Ad Hoc Retirement Benefit Advisory Group

June 15, 2011
6:30 p.m. - 9:30 p.m.
Sister Cities 1101

Chair(s):  Janine Bosley or James Ray


1.  Review and approval of proposed Agenda 

2.  Review, approval and adoption of May 25, 2011 meeting minutes 

3  Follow-up on information requests made at May 25, 2011 meeting

          a. Projecting Contribution Rates       
          b. Employer Match to Deferred Compensation, survey for AMRSVA members
          c. Local Comparators charts        
          d. Preliminary Results of Benefits Study, Watson Wyatt February 13, 2009

4.  Presentation by Cheiron actuarial firm representative:  update on possible GASB pension accounting standards changes

          Update on the GASB Pension Accounting Project, June 15

5.  Discussion of updates to Discussion Guide

6.  Discussion of work plan for developing report on findings and recommendations in response to mandates from City Council

7.  Old Business

8. New Business

8.  Future meetings schedule

9. Adjournment