Meeting July 14, 2011

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City of Alexandria
Ad Hoc Retirement Benefit Advisory Group
July 14, 2011
6:30 p.m. - 9:30 p.m.

 Location:  Sister Cities 1101

Chair(s):  Janine Bosley or James Ray


1. Review and approval of proposed Agenda.

2. Review, approval and adoption of June 15, 2011 Meeting Minutes.

3. Brief review of updated (for June 15th Meeting results) May 9th Meeting Discussion Guide.

          (a) Overall review of June 15th meeting results and impact on Summary.
          (b) Follow-up items:  updates and briefing on open items from June 15th Discussion Guide.
4.  Discussion of "follow-up" items from June 15, 2011 meeting.
          (a) Quick review of effect of approved (as of July 6, 2011) GASB changes.
          (b) Presentation of recommendations/pros/cons for the City’s retirement plans.  Recommendations
                should include back-up/reasons for recommendations even if the recommendations are for no change. 
                All recommendations should also consider the group’s task as stated in section 3 of City Council
                Resolution 2432.

                    (i) Firefighters and Police Officers

                              Presentation from Firefighters and Police Officers (Presented by Michael Cross and Edward Milner)
                              Excerpts of Items 11 and 12 of the February 21, 2004 City Council Docket  
                              NASRA Issue Brief: Public Pension Plan Investment Return Assumptions 

                    (ii) Deputy Sheriffs, Medics and Fire Marshals
                    (iii) General Schedule City Employees
                    (iv) Public Representatives
                    (v) Staff
                              Enhancing Sustainability Part 1 and Part 2 

5. Discuss, revisit and revise outline of how Group Report to the City  Counsel will be shaped.

          (a) Executive Summary of procedures and actions taken by Group.
          (b) Summary of Conclusions.
          (c) Analysis and discussion of reasoning supporting the Group's     Conclusions.
          (d) Recommendations of Group.
          (e) Assignment of duties to Group Members. 

6. Old Business --- follow-up on any "old" items not covered in Agenda items  3 and 4 above.

          6(a) Sample Early Retirement Calcluation VRS and Supplemental Retirement Plan 

7. New Business.

8. Future meeting schedule.

9. Adjournment.