Comparative Statement of Revenues -- October 2012

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FY 2012

FY 2013
FY 2013
THRU 10/31/12
% OF
FY 2012
THRU 10/31/11
General Property Taxes      
Real Property Taxes$323,784,070$333,929,291$22,283,7486.7%$22,230,8040%
Personal Property Taxes37,897,52537,500,00034,901,75293.1%33,013,6516%1
Penalties and Interest2,092,9762,375,000366,87815.4%423,781-13%
Total Gen. Property Taxes$363,774,571$373,804,291$57,552,37815.4%$55,668,2363%
Other Local Taxes      
Local Sales and Use Tax$24,949,593$24,900,000$4,236,15217.0%$3,946,5587%
Consumer Utility Taxes10,322,62311,100,0002,764,63324.9%$2,868,984-4%
Communication Sales and Use Tax11,030,71111,940,0001,863,34715.6%2,052,355-9%
Business License Taxes31,468,95833,000,000564,5351.7%742,829-24%2
Transient Lodging Taxes11,375,12112,400,0002,685,97221.7%2,852,960-6%
Restaurant Meals Tax16,313,76516,900,0003,656,83221.6%3,793,229-4%
Tobacco Taxes2,674,1572,600,000687,91326.5%707,344-3%
Motor Vehicle License Tax3,348,0753,400,0002,571,41575.6%2,613,772-2%
Real Estate Recordation5,152,5934,900,0001,324,58127.0%1,312,1191%
Admissions Tax1,093,1821,000,000261,63926.2%297,933-12%
Other Local Taxes3,372,4552,710,27598,7583.6%76,10230%
Total Other Local Taxes$121,101,233$124,850,275$20,715,77716.6%$21,264,185-3%
Intergovernmental Revenues      
Revenue from the Federal Government$10,780,154$9,657,640$728,8337.5%$1,155,0530%
Personal Property Tax Relief from the Commonwealth23,578,53123,578,53111,789,26550.0%11,789,2650%
Revenue from the Commonwealth21,125,44820,360,4855,575,84127.4%5,276,2256%
Total Intergovernmental Revenues$55,484,133$53,596,656$18,093,93933.8%$18,220,5436%
Other Governmental Revenues And Transfers In      
Fines and Forfeitures$4,869,295$4,664,000$1,677,98036.0%$1,383,54121%3
Licenses and Permits2,373,4492,157,975931,62643.2%962,186-3%
Charges for City Services16,474,11415,891,9594,160,55726.2%3,736,65911%
Revenue from Use of Money & Property3,947,8553,420,0001,194,96934.9%1,310,009-9%4
Other Revenue1,195,494782,000465,80959.6%276,67974%5
Transfer from Other Funds1,394,9031,854,502-0.0%-0%
Total Other Government Revenues$30,255,110$28,770,436$8,430,94129.3%$7,660,07410%
TOTAL REVENUE$570,615,047$581,021,658$104,793,03518.0%$102,813,0382%
Appropriated Fund Balance
General Fund
Reappropriation of FY 2012
Encumbrances and Other
Supplemental Appropriations



  1. Personal Property Taxes/ Motor Vehicle License: The increases result from earlier payments by taxpayers. 
  2. Business License Taxes: The decrease is primarily a result of the timing of payments and refunds.
  3. Fines and Forfeitures: Collections in this category primarily reflect budgeted increases for red light cameras installed in FY 2012.
  4. Revenue from Use of Money and Property: The decrease is primarily due to continued low interest rates.
  5. Other Revenues: The increase is due to $0.2 million in revenues from the sale of surplus property.

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