eCheck Payments FAQs


Page updated on Jul 16, 2020 at 12:31 PM

1. What is an eCheck?

An eCheck (or electronic check) is an authorization given to the City of Alexandria allowing the City's bank to initiate an electronic transfer of funds from your banking account to the City’s banking account under strict laws governing your right to privacy and security.

2. What if there is a problem with the electronic fund transfer?

You should contact your financial institution immediately if you believe that the electronic fund transfer reported on your account statement was not properly authorized or is otherwise incorrect. Consumers have protections under a federal law called the Electronic Fund Transfer Act for unauthorized or incorrect electronic fund transfers.

3. How quickly will funds be transferred from my account?

The electronic fund transfer from your account will usually occur within 24 hours, which is faster than a check is normally processed. Therefore, you should be sure that there are sufficient funds available in your checking account when you submit your eCheck.

4. Is there a service fee for using the eCheck option?

There is no fee for using eCheck.

5. What if the electronic fund transfer cannot be processed?

In rare instances, it may not be possible to use an eCheck. In some cases, checks drawn on foreign banks or on accounts other than a standard bank savings or checking account may not be accepted.

6. What if my eCheck is rejected by my bank for insufficient funds?

If the electronic fund transfer cannot be completed because there are insufficient funds in your account, the City may try to make the transfer up to two more times and will impose a one-time fee of $35 against your account, which the City will also collect by electronic fund transfer.

7. What if my eCheck transaction is rejected because I entered the bank routing number or/and account number incorrectly?

The City will notify you and give you an opportunity to correct the error before the payment transaction is re-submitted. Your parking ticket or tax bill account will not be credited with the payment and date of initial submission of payment until the City receives the funds. You may incur late payment penalty if the error results in payment being made after the due date. Payment rejected due to bank or City error will not incur a penalty and will be credited on the date submitted.

8. Will the electronic fund transfer appear on my account statement? 

The electronic fund transfer from your account will be on the account statement that you receive from your financial institution. However, the transfer may be in a different place on your statement than the place where your checks normally appear. For example, it may appear under "other withdrawals" or "other transactions."

9. Where can I locate my Bank Routing and Bank Account Numbers on my check?

Your Bank Routing and Bank Account Numbers can be located at the bottom of your check. Your Bank Routing Number is the 9 digits between and , and your Account Number is between and to the right of the routing number. Do not confuse these numbers with the check number that is printed either to the left or to the right of the account number. Your check number should not be included in your submission.

10. Can I pay more than one type of tax and or more than one tax bill with a single payment?

Yes. The City will allow you to pay more than one parking ticket with a single payment using an eCheck.

11. I have unpaid tax accounts from prior years. How will this particular online payment be applied?

Virginia law requires staff to apply tax payments to the oldest delinquent account. You are still responsible for the unpaid accounts.

12. How do I know if this payment has been posted to my account(s)?

  1. At the end of this transaction, an acknowledgment screen will be displayed. The City encourages you to print the acknowledgment screen with the transaction confirmation reference number for your records.
  2. After you submit the eCheck transaction, the City will send an email confirmation to the email address you specified at the time of payment.

13. Will someone contact me if there are any questions on this online payment?

Yes. It is important that you give the City your daytime telephone number and email address. The City will try at least once to contact you, if needed, using the information you have provided.

14. I am concerned about using my banking account information on the internet. What security is used to protect my personal information? 

While you should always be aware of fraud, paying the City of Alexandria with an eCheck on the internet is no more insecure than mailing a check or handing a check to a cashier. The City of Alexandria uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) services to encrypt all transactions on the City web server. SSL is a communications protocol that encrypts and authenticates communications across the internet. SSL is used mostly (but not exclusively) in communications between web browsers and web servers. SSL provides privacy, authentication, and message integrity to prevent eavesdropping, forgery, and tampering. The City of Alexandria also employs internal security measures to protect your information.

15. I have a question about my tax payment that is not answered here. What should I do?

If you have any questions, please contact:

Treasury Division
301 King Street, Room 1510
Alexandria, Virginia 22314
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