Expenditure Payments -- December 2013

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Contributory Payments

The City makes some payments, such as contributions to the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA), on a quarterly or semi-annual basis. Since these payments are made less frequently than monthly, expenditures reported in this monthly financial report may be higher than average in those months when the payments are made. This financial report includes the following non-monthly payments:

Equipment Replacement Fund

Of the $4.8 million in total equipment replacement transfers in FY 2013, the following departments have equipment replacement funds large enough to affect their General Fund expenditure patterns at the beginning of the year:

Fire: $1.3 million
T&ES: $1.2 million
Police: $1.3 million

Grant Accounting and Cash Matches

To comply with many federal and State grant awards, the City’s share funding is transferred from the General Fund to the Special Revenue Fund at the end of the fiscal year. Because the City share for most grants is not finalized until the funds are spent, departments set aside, but do not expend, City grant funds until the end of the fiscal year. This ensures that the City maximizes the use of federal and State funding before spending City funds. Most City funds not used for grants by the end of the year are returned to the City.