Alexandria Community Fire Academy

The Alexandria Community Fire Academy educates community members about fire safety and emergency medical response, as well as the history, administration, operations, and apparatus of an urban public safety agency.

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The Program

The purpose of the Alexandria Community Fire Academy is to educate the Alexandria community about fire safety and emergency medical response, while learning about the history, administration, operations and apparatus of an urban public safety agency. The goal of the Academy is to build partnerships within the community by helping participants understand how the fire department works, and to encourage volunteering within the community.

Participants will also have an opportunity, through hands-on training, to experience a "day in the life" as a firefighter/paramedic. They will learn skills such as cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), how to stretch a hose line, ladder operations, and how an engine and truck operate, along with special operations skills.


The program is open to City residents ages 18 and over, persons who work in the City, and owners of businesses located in the City.

How to Apply

NOTE: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all Alexandria Fire Department community outreach programs are cancelled. AFD is evaluating its community outreach programs and developing ways to safely continue to engage the community throughout this crisis. Our priority is the safety of all AFD members and the community. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we confirm plans and implement safety measures for future community programs and events.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Alexandria Community Fire Academy?
The Alexandria Community Fire Academy is designed to help educate the Alexandria community about its fire department. Academy participants will have an opportunity to learn from Alexandria Fire Department (AFD) staff about the department's history, operations, tactics, human resources, budgeting, and more. Participants will also have a chance to experience the duties of fire personnel through hands-on training.

2.  When are the Academy sessions held?
The Academy will be held in the spring and fall of each year.  The Spring session will begin on March 3, and will end on May 2, with graduation on May 5. 

3.  How long is the Academy, and how often will there be classes?
The Academy is 10 weeks long. Classes will be held on Tuesdays, from 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m., with the exception of the last two classes on Saturday, April 25 and Saturday, May 2, from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. The majority of the classes will be held at Station 210, 5255 Eisenhower Avenue.

4.  What will I learn from the Academy?
Topics covered will include: 1) who works for your Fire Department and their roles; 2) Divisions within AFD; 3) Emergency Medical Service (EMS) skills, including Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), and First Aid, and 4) operational skills (which include engine company and truck company hands-on operations).

5.  How do I apply for the Alexandria Community Fire Academy?
The application process for Spring 2020 will open in January. Contact Firefighter Rick Muse, Jr., at or by phone at 703.746.5217 for more information.

6.  Who is eligible to participate?
If you are a City resident, own a business in the City of Alexandria, work for City government, and are over age 18, you are eligible to participate in the Academy.

7.  How large are the classes?
The class size is limited to 16 participants.

8.  Can I attend the academy if I live outside the City limits?
Yes, if you work for the city, or are an owner of a business located in the City.

9.  How much does the Alexandria Community Fire Academy cost?
There is no charge to participate.

10.  Will I be participating in any physical activities?
Firefighters and paramedics are exposed to danger every day on the job. The fire service is very challenging physically and mentally, and to receive the full experience, in some Academy classes participants will be involved in physical activities such as learning CPR, lifting patient stretchers, extending ladders, carrying mannequins, stretching hose lines, and more. However, the choice to participate in these physical activities is entirely optional.

11.  Can I apply even if I am unable to participate in the physical portion? 
Yes, you may still apply even though you are unable to participate in the physical activities.

12.  Will I be certified to perform the skills I learn in the Academy? 
No, participants will not be certified to practice the skills that are shown in the Alexandria Community Fire Academy. The skills that the program offers are to expose the participants to the work of the fire department.

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