Carbon Monoxide Leak at 2912 Commonwealth Avenue

Page archived as of November 23, 2015

For Immediate Release: November 28, 2008    
For Further Information, Contact Captain Luis Santano, 703.838.4339

Carbon Monoxide Leak at 2912 Commonwealth Avenue

At approximately 0952 am Friday, November 28, 2008, Alexandria Fire and EMS units responded to 2912 Commonwealth Avenue for a reported carbon monoxide leak. First arriving units confirmed a carbon monoxide (CO) leak with elevated levels above 35 parts per million. The adjoining town homes were checked for CO leaks (2910 and 2914). 2910 was vacant; 2914 exhibited elevated levels. Medics on the scene evaluated eight residents.

 Three patients were transported to area hospitals (2 adults and 1 infant) for evaluation. The infant was transported as a precautionary measure only. Occupants of 2912 were complaining of headache and nausea when they called 911. There were no CO detectors in the residence at the time of the call. The quick action of the residents prevented a potentially tragic outcome. The Fire Marshal's investigation revealed the source of the CO leak to be a malfunctioning hot water heater. Washington gas responded to the scene and evaluated the hot water heater. Residents were allowed to reoccupy the town home when CO levels were back to normal.