Residential Sprinkler System Saves Home From Fire

Page archived as of November 23, 2015

 JUNE 16, 2011

 News Highlights

  •  Fire in 4 story town home contained by residential sprinkler system
  • Firefighters encountered small fire remaining upon their arrival.
  • Fire Damaged limited to under $5000
  • No injuries or relocations required.
  • Fast response from residential sprinkler saved thousands of dollars in property and prevented further damage to home and occupants.
  • The cause of the fire is under investigation.


At 11:24 am units from the Alexandria Fire Department responded to a reported garage fire in a townhouse in the 700 block of Day Lane.  Firefighters arrived on the scene within 5 minutes and encountered smoke conditions coming from the first floor garage.  Upon entering the garage firefighters discovered a small fire.  The majority of the fire had been successfully extinguished by the home’s residential sprinkler system.  The remaining fire was extinguished by firefighters. 

The quick response by the residential sprinkler fire system resulted in the protection of an automobile and motorcycle as well as other contents within the garage.  Both vehicles were undamaged.  The fire was prevented from spreading beyond the garage by the sprinkler system, which minimized fire damage and allowed the occupants to remain in their residence after the incident.

Unlike Maryland, Virginia does not have a mandatory residential sprinkler requirement for townhouses.  Such residences only have residential sprinkler systems installed when they exceed certain height and area requirements under the building code.  The property on Day Lane, which was constructed in 2006, had additional fire sprinkler protection added as part of a cooperative effort between the property developers and the City during the planning and development process.

For more information, contact Robert Rodriguez, Chief Fire Marshal / Community Services Officer, Alexandria Fire Department, at 703.746.5217 or