FEMA and the Alexandria Fire Department Remind You to Practice Fire Safety During Halloween

Page archived as of November 23, 2015

OCTOBER 28, 2011

For many, Halloween is a fun time to dress up in costume, go trick-or-treating and eat sweet treats. It is also an opportunity to focus on safety. To ensure all those trick-or-treaters out there stay safe, here are a few tips for a fire-safe and spook-tacular Halloween:

  • Make sure the label on the costume states that it is Flame Resistant. Flame Resistant costumes will be hard to catch on fire, and should it happen, the fire will dissipate quickly. Materials such as polyester and nylon are a good choice.
  • Don’t let the material in your costume hang too far off your body – this way, you won’t accidentally drag it across open flames.
  • Tell kids to avoid candles and jack-o’-lanterns during their trick-or-treat adventures.
  • Always use flashlights, a flameless candle, or a light stick to navigate your way through the dark instead of open flame candles.
  • If decorating your home with lights, make sure they have been tested for safety by a recognized testing laboratory. Inspect lights for damaged sockets or wires and loose connections, and make sure not to overload extension cords.
  • Check the Consumer Product Safety Commission's website for the latest on Halloween-related consumer product recalls.
  • If you have a Halloween party, check for cigarettes under furniture cushions and in areas where people were smoking before you go to bed.
  • Remove any materials around your home or property, such as garbage or excess vegetation, which an arsonist could use to start a fire.

More Information

For more information, contact Robert B. Rodriguez, Chief Fire Marshal / Community Services Officer, Alexandria Fire Department, at 703.746.5217 or robert.rodriguez@alexandriava.gov