City Hall Renovation Project

Alexandria City Hall is the center of civic activity for Alexandrians and a source of community pride. It is also a workplace for more than 300 City employees. After many years of service, major updates are needed throughout the building to better serve staff, residents, and visitors.

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City Hall and Fountain

Please visit About City Hall to learn more about the remarkable history of one of Alexandria's most iconic buildings.

Project Description

Market Square has been the center of civic activity for Alexandrians since the City’s founding in 1749. The current City Hall, built in 1871, is a great source of community pride and serves as a workplace for more than 300 City employees. After many years of service, major updates are needed throughout City Hall to repair aging building components, improve operating systems, optimize space utilization, improve building circulation and wayfinding, and enhance security.

The City Hall Renovation Project will provide a revitalized safe, and sustainable environment to better serve City staff, Alexandria residents, and visitors well into the future. The City of Alexandria is committed to maintaining City Hall as the seat of government for many years to come.

Project History

Urgent City Hall Repairs Started

In Spring 2014, the City engaged an architectural/engineering consultant to conduct a feasibility study addressing required immediate and priority City Hall repairs. As a result of this investigation, the following projects have been undertaken, with more initiatives to follow:

  • Latrobe Bell Tower Structural Monitoring
  • Roof and Attic Framing Repairs
  • Repairs to Exterior Walls, Windows, and Roof Trim

Workplace Guidelines Developed

In 2015, the City developed Workplace Guidelines and studied current and future space needs for each City Hall department. Space is at a premium in City Hall, and the post-renovation usable square footage is not expected to accommodate the future needs of the current functions and occupants. This presents an opportunity to examine which functions best serve Alexandria in City Hall and which would provide better service at other locations.

Ad Hoc Joint City-Schools Facility Investment Task Force (the Task Force)

The Task Force study, released in 2018, challenged the City to actively consider alternatives to the traditional means of doing business and look for opportunities to co-locate City services in a more central location. This aligns with the City's initiative to examine how and where services are provided, in preparation for the City Hall Renovation Project. 

Current Project Phase - The City Hall Visioning Study

Before major City Hall renovations begin, the Department of General Services is conducting pre-design programming studies to gauge which functions in City Hall the community values. The City Hall Visioning Study is a process to establish a framework to define building occupancy and inform how City Hall can best deliver services and serve Alexandrians going forward.

Opportunities for Community Participation

Interactive sessions with both internal and external stakeholders are planned throughout the Study. Collaboration with the community is crucial for the success of the visioning initiative.

Online Questionnaire

The community questionnaire is now closed. The questionnaire was open online from June 17 - July 12, 2019. 

Community Meeting & Open House

An initial community meeting was held in City Hall on Wednesday, July 31, 2019:

Community Meeting Presentation

Gallery Walk Boards

A second community meeting event is planned for September in City Hall:

Monday, September 30, 2019 – 6:30 to 8:30 PM

Alexandria City Hall, 301 King Street

Sister Cities Conference Room 1101

Alexandrians and City staff are welcome to attend, and:

  • Learn about the City Hall Visioning Study and future City Hall renovation
  • View gallery displays and hear about City Hall initiatives
  • Discover City Hall history and take a brief tour
  • Ask questions and share ideas about the future uses of City Hall


Contact Grant Rogers, Capital Projects Manager, 703.746.3209

Future Phases

Stay tuned to learn more about City Hall design, construction planning, interim and permanent moves, and more as the renovation project moves forward.