Surplus Real Estate

City-owned real estate that has been designated as surplus by the Alexandria City Council.

Page updated on Dec 31, 2015 at 11:36 AM

Welcome to the City of Alexandria's Surplus Real Estate website for Sales. The City of Alexandria invites interested parties to browse for surplus real estate property that is currently available. The Department of General Services is responsible for public disposal of all City-owned real estate that has been designated as surplus by the Alexandria City Council.

All real estate is offered "As-Is," with no warranties or guarantees, expressed or implied, as to kind, character or its fitness for any use, purpose or its ability to be developed for any use or purpose. In some cases, the City may have conducted studies for use of the property for city purposes, which will be made available to potential purchasers, if the information is determined to be public and applicable. The City of Alexandria does not have the resources to tear down, identify and report the characteristics of each lot or building for prospective purchasers. However, prospective purchasers are offered the opportunity to personally inspect the properties offered for public sale (as surplus) at the location specified in the listing, upon request.


Request for Proposals

The City accepts proposals related to the disposition of surplus real estate properties through public Request for Proposals processes.  If you are interested in submitting a proposal for any active property sales, please contact the Department of General Services at 703.746.4770 so that we can include you on correspondence related to the Request for Proposals process.


The following RFP's have now closed and are in the City evaluation process. The City is no longer accepting proposals for these properties:

  •  Lease of the Beachcombers Building as a Restaurant  - This request for proposals was cancelled. 
  •  Former Alexandria Health Department Building - CLOSED 
     509 North Saint Asaph Street; 511, 513, and 515 Oronoco Street
  • Clarification regarding easements and alleys adjacent to the City’s parcels – on January 3, 2002, the Planning Commission approved docket item #7-A, Development Site Plan #2001-0019 for Garret’s Mill, which provides additional pertinent information to this RFP.

    •  200 North Royal Street - Located near the heart of Old Town and several restaurants and retail establishments. - SOLD

      Please note that the City has declared the following properties as surplus real estate. The City has not yet moved forward with the Request for Proposals processes to dispose of these properties at this time. Please contact the Department of General Services at 703.746.4770 if you wish to receive notification when an RFP is posted.
    •  912, 916, and 920 King Street - Excellent development opportunity. 
    •  116 South Henry Street - To be considered as a supporting parking facility in conjunction with the multi-use redevelopment of 912, 916, and 920 King Street.