Information Verification

Page updated on Apr 5, 2013 at 3:52 PM

Public Safety Information Gathering Project

The City of Alexandria is embarking on a major project to upgrade and improve its 911 system. These upgrades will improve dispatch and response times by sending the closest units to a call, improve the call-taker’s ability to send the appropriate response, improved functionality, and improve tools for data analysis.

Members of the City’s Geographic Information Systems (GIS) division or the Alexandria Fire Department may be contacting residents and businesses to collect or verify information about a property that may be needed during an emergency response.

The types of information you may be asked to provide or verify could include telephone number, address, and street name. This data collection is a cooperative process that requires the participation of the 911 center, the telephone companies, the City Department of Planning and Zoning, as well as City residents and businesses.

The Fire Department is also responsible for creating pre-emergency response plans (pre-plans) for buildings and structures, such as apartment buildings, public assemblies, and commercial facilities, which have occupancy permits. These pre-plans include the locations of fire department access, alarms, sprinkler systems, evacuation stairwells, utilities, hose connections, and more. This information can also include updating owner and emergency contacts, or info on any hazardous materials.

We look forward to working with the residents and businesses of Alexandria to help improve our emergency response systems.

For more information about this project, contact Bruce Pepsin, CAD Project Manager at 703 746-3104 or