National Bike Month

Page updated on Jul 30, 2019 at 4:55 PM


Bike Month is Here!

May is National Bike Month! Here in Alexandria, we celebrate biking all month long with events of all kinds. Whether you're a lifelong rider or haven't ridden in a while, May is the perfect time to break out your bike and ride to school, work, shops, and restaurants. Check out our event calendar and other helpful information below.

Did You Know?

  • Bicycle commuting burns an average of 540 calories per hour.
  • The average person loses 13 pounds in the first year of commuting by bike.
  • A daily 4-mile bike commute will save about 66 gallons of fuel per year.
  • With 350 calories, a bicyclist can travel 10 miles, a pedestrian 3.5 miles, and an automobile 100 feet.
  • If the average person biked to work or shopping once every two weeks instead of driving, we could prevent the pollution of close to one billion gallons of gasoline from entering the atmosphere every year.
  • If American adults drove one mile less per day, it would reduce the adult obesity rate by 2.16 percent over six years.


Riding Tips

Alexandria Complete Streets Program

Alexandria Bike Map - coming soon!

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Washington Area Bicyclist Association

Alexandria Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Committee

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