Metro Platform Improvement Project: Updates & Real-Time Information

Page updated on Jun 4, 2019 at 8:52 AM

All Metrorail stations south of Ronald Reagan National Airport Station are closed through September 8, for platform repairs. Below are resources for helping travelers navigate to and through Alexandria during this closure.

Week 1 Summary

Traffic Information: Travel times were collected during morning and evening commute periods each day last week and compared to travel times earlier in April and May.  Travel times varied greatly last week with some commute periods with lower than average travel times and some substantially higher.  Traffic, as usual, was impacted by weather, crashes and power outages.  The most significant delays were typically due to one of these factors.   Generally, in the morning, travel times on the City’s main north-south corridors (Route 1, Washington Street and North Van Dorn Street) was between 15% and 30% higher than usual. Evening travel times varied between 30% lower than normal to 30% higher than normal peak hour traffic. With the variation in traffic patterns, it was difficult to determine the impact of the WMATA PiP in the first week.  The City is collecting vehicle volumes on Route 1 and Washington Street and will have that data by the beginning of next week. 

Metrorail Station and Shuttles:  By Commute Day 2, the Van Dorn and Eisenhower Metrorail stations were operating smoothly with moderate wait times and little to no crowding.   While there was general congestion surrounding the King Street Metrorail station, by the end of the week pedestrians were finding their way to the correct bus boarding locations.  City staff worked with the Alexandria Police Department to help people safely navigate the area.  The Braddock Road Metrorail station had the most issues with bus bunching and long lines throughout the week, and adjustments are being made this week to improve operations at this location.  At all stations, WMATA staff were reported to be extremely helpful in directing people to the appropriate locations.  

By the Numbers 

  • On Tuesday afternoon, DASH had over 100 buses running in service either on the Blue Line Shuttle or regular DASH service.  This is the first time in the agency’s 35-year history that this milestone has been achieved.  
  • The stop in Old Town at the intersection of King Street/Washington Street is drawing a daily average of more than 200 boardings per day.   
  • Biking on the Potomac Avenue Trail increased by more than 80% since the same time last year, and biking on the Metro Linear Trail more than doubled from the week before the WMTA PiP. 
  • The City secured a total of 400 parking spaces to be used for commuters and issued parking permits for all of them, of which an average of 40% have been utilized each day. 
  • The City’s Call.Click.Connect team handled 11 informational requests and 3 complaints related to the project 
  • The Alexandria Police Department wrote 25 HOV parking citations to keep the lanes open for traffic, and they wrote 160 parking citations related the Metro station closures. 
  • During the morning and evening commute periods of the first week of the WMATA PiP, nearly 2,275 people rode the Water Taxi between Alexandria and The Wharf  

City Staff Efforts  

  • The EOC was operational from 6-9 a.m. and  4-7 p.m. every weekday. 
  • The Traffic Management Center was operational from 7-9 a.m. and 4-7 p.m. every weekday. 
  • T&ES Staff and APD staff monitored each Metrorail station during the AM and PM peak hours. 
  • T&ES provided two reports daily on traffic conditions, Metrorail station and shuttle bus updates, reported issues and other data that was provided.   
  • T&ES Construction and Inspection Team was fully deployed every day. 
  • The T&ES Fast Action Response Team was available to immediately manage incidents  
  • T&ES had a signal crew on call to respond to any signal issues or needs  

First Week Construction Progress 

  • Construction is currently on schedule  
  • In the first days of the Platform Improvement Project, Metro employees and contractors have gone straight to work.  With pre-construction staging completed before the shutdown started, they have been able to move in heavy equipment, begin demolition of station platforms, and immediately start to repair track infrastructure. 

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    Transportation Options & Providers

    Below are links to alternative travel option providers that are available or have special routes or promotions during the closure.