Capital Bikeshare Expansion

Page updated on May 24, 2017 at 9:50 AM

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Provide the City with helpful feedback regarding proposed bikeshare station locations using the Alexandria Capital Bikeshare Expansion Feedback Form! The survey is open through June 16, 2017.

Expansion Plan Overview

The Capital Bikeshare system has continued to grow since its inception in 2012, with the system expanding from eight stations in 2012 to 31 stations in 2016. In conjunction with the analysis in the Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan, the City is analyzing the most suitable locations for the next round of bikeshare expansion.

Preliminary analysis include demand analysis using indicators such as employment and population density, location of attractions (i.e., tourist destinations, parks, malls/shopping, schools and libraries), transit density by ridership (i.e., metro and bus stops), existing bicycling infrastructure, topography, percentage of minority populations, and percentage of zero-car households. A map of potential bikeshare demand can be viewed here. Using the recommended locations from the Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan as a starting point, City staff have worked to identify suitable locations throughout Alexandria.

For the next round of expansion, the City will add 10 additional bikeshare stations. The City has identified 16 suitable station locations and we need your input to help determine which of these stations are best! This webpage features an interactive expansion map, public outreach materials, and the opportunity to submit feedback regarding proposed stations.

Proposed Station Locations

Expansion Map

The expansion map below shows all of the existing Capital Bikeshare stations in Arlington County and the City of Alexandria, as well as the 16 proposed stations. The City will also be installing a station at Port City Brewery on Wheeler Ave as part of a match for an economic development grant from Virginia. 



For more detailed information on each proposed bikeshare station site, please review the Alexandria Capital Bikeshare Expansion Outreach Flyer.

Public Outreach

During the update to the Pedestrian and Bicycle chapters of the Transportation Master Plan, the expansion of Capital Bikeshare was discussed at numerous public meetings and endorsed by the Ad Hoc Committee for this plan. As actual locations are identified for Phase IV of expansion, the City is conducting outreach once again. Please review the below materials and provide feedback to City staff!   

Public Meetings

Each proposed station will be brought before the Traffic & Parking Board for approval at a public hearing. The Traffic & Parking Board public hearing is scheduled for July 24, 2017 in the City Hall Council Chambers at 7:30 p.m. 

Station Feedback

To submit feedback regarding  proposed stations, to suggest alternate locations, or to provide general feedback, please use the  Alexandria Capital Bikeshare Expansion Feedback Form. Please submit feedback by June 16, 2017.


For more information on bikeshare station siting guidelines, please review the National Association of City Transportation Officials' Bikeshare Station Siting Guide or the Institute for Transportation and Development Policy's Bikeshare Planning Guide

Contact Information

To contact City staff regarding bikeshare, please contact