Commonwealth Avenue Sidewalk Project

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Project Background

The sidewalk network on the east side of Commonwealth Avenue, between Nelson Avenue and Glendale Avenue, was incomplete. Construction of a new sidewalk on this section of Commonwealth Avenue was identified as a priority pedestrian project for implementation in the City's 2016 Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan

The Traffic & Parking Board approved the request to remove four on-street parking spaces to construct new sidewalks between Nelson Avenue and Glendale Avenue at their September 26, 2016 public hearing. 

Construction of the Commonwealth Avenue sidewalk began in October 2017.  In order to complete the sidewalk, the four parking spaces between Alexandria Avenue and Luray Avenue were removed. In addition, there was temporary parking restrictions nearby through the duration of construction. All construction occurred exclusively within the City’s right-of-way.   

Sidewalk Network

Commonwealth Ave Sidewalk Network

Project Goals

The project goals were identified as the following:

  • Provide more sidewalk space along Commonwealth Ave between E. Glendale Avenue and E. Nelson Avenue.
  • Create a more direct and comfortable route for pedestrians along Commonwealth Avenue.
  • Reduce pedestrian, vehicle, and bicycle conflicts on Commonwealth Avenue.
  • Create a calmer and safer street for all roadway users -- bicyclists, pedestrians, and drivers --  and residents.

Public Outreach

Completed Project


Commonwealth Ave Sidewalk network existing conditions small


Commonwealth Ave Sidewalk finished

Commonwealth Ave Sidewalk finished sign


Project Contact

Please contact Christine Mayeur, Complete Streets Program Manager, at if you have any questions or concerns about this project.