Publications & Reports

Learn about health trends in your area. Our publications and reports monitor regional trends and analyze local data. We offer this information to the public to guide program and policy development. Publications and reports are compiled by our epidemiologists, who investigate communicable diseases reported by healthcare providers, labs, and schools.

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Publications & Reports

Local Report to Clinicians


Our Report to Clinicians summarizes cases of reportable disease investigated by the Alexandria Health Department in each calendar year. In this report, sexually transmitted infections (STI) and tuberculosis (TB) are presented separately from other reportable diseases. 
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Adolescent Sexual & Reproductive Health in the City of Alexandria 

Alexandria Health Department analyzes and presents adolescent reproductive health data annually to the Alexandria Campaign on Adolescent Pregnancy. Topics covered in this year's presentation include 2018 Teen Pregnancy Rates & Outcomes, Teen Wellness Center Data, Data Trends Over Place & Time,  Racial & Ethnic Disparities, Key Takeaways, and Next Steps. 

E-Scooter Injury Surveillance Summary


This summary describes characteristics of E-Scooter injuries in Alexandria which were treated at a hospital or urgent care center from January through August 2019. Some important limitations of this data are detailed at the beginning of the report. Professional medical society recommendations regarding scooter use are in the addendum to the report.

2017 Bicycle and Pedestrian Report

Caution Bike

In collaboration with Alexandria Fire Department and Alexandria Geographic Information System Office, AHD has published a report outlining information on bicycle crashes and pedestrian injuries in the City of Alexandria. This report will show you the number and rate of bicycle crashes and pedestrians struck as well as information by age, race/ethnicity, geographical distribution, and zip code.

Alexandria Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS)

YRBS 2014

Based on an anonymous, voluntary survey given to Alexandria City Public School students in grades eight, ten and twelve, this report assesses youth behavior in six risk areas. Among other factors, we investigate indicators for mental health, alcohol and drug use, and sexual behavior. Our report is the result of academic, government, volunteer and non-governmental organizations working together to improve the health and wellness of youth in our community. 
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County Health Rankings

2014 County Health Rankings

The County Health Rankings & Roadmaps  program, a collaboration between the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute, measures health factors in nearly every county in America. Rankings are compiled using county-level measures from a variety of national data sources, which are standardized and combined using scientifically-informed weights. This program aims to raise awareness about the many factors that influence health. View the city's 2017 Snapshot.

Health Profile I


AHD's Health Profile I: Health Behaviors, Morbidity, and Mortality focuses on key health indicators important to public health. For each health indicator in the report, AHD provide information on how the City is doing as well as evidence-based recommendations to improve health outcomes.

Kindergarten BMI Surveillance Report


Our report looks at obesity in Alexandria City students to help assess the health of youth in our community. We examine body mass index (BMI) measures for incoming kindergartners at Alexandria City Public Schools. Here, you can find information on weight status by gender, race/ethnicity, zip code and school. We invite school and health personnel, community members, and policymakers to use what they learn in this report to target prevention and treatment programs.
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Health Matters in Alexandria Dashboard


The Health Matters in Alexandria Dashboard provides comprehensive snapshots of health in the City of Alexandria based on areas of interest to users. Data spans categories that have a profound impact on health. Our dashboard allows anyone to search, examine, compare and share available data on both health outcomes and the social determinants that drive health and wellness.