Flora Krause Casey Public Health Award 2019

Do you know someone who has worked to advance the health of the Alexandria community? Nominate her/him for the Flora Krause Casey Public Health Award by March 14, 2019.

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Flora Krause Casey (1904-1991) was a longtime resident of Alexandria and a dedicated advocate for the health of disadvantaged persons. In the late 1930s, Mrs. Casey assumed responsibility for a clinic that the Kiwanis Club formed to provide pre-camp physical exams. After two years, Mrs. Casey realized that poorer families needed access to medical services and a comprehensive clinic that could provide that level of care. Mrs. Casey fostered this new clinic’s growth as the community's needs expanded. She was especially gifted at generating volunteer support and raising funds. The Public Health Advisory Commission and Health Department honor her legacy by seeking and recognizing individuals with a similar purpose, devotion, community advocacy, and leadership. 

Eligibility Criteria:

Individuals who embody the legacy of Flora Krause Casey, and who themselves have made a significant impact on Alexandrians’ public health and well-being (physical, behavioral, mental, and oral health) are eligible. Applications should demonstrate how nominees exemplify one of the following 5 criteria:

The applicant's: 

  • Efforts have improved the health and quality of life of Alexandrians;
  • Dedication to public service has helped prevent disease, promote healthy lifestyles, improve access to health services, and/or ensure appropriate health care for vulnerable Alexandrians;
  • Work has improved the health of vulnerable and underserved Alexandria residents;
  • Efforts have helped to address the non-health factors contributing to overall well-being (poverty, transportation, housing, education, etc.);
  • Efforts have helped to reduce health disparities.

The deadline for applications is March 14, 2019.

(Members of the Commission are not eligible for the award.)


Complete the application process, including 2 supporting letters, by March 14, 2019. In supporting letters, please provide examples of how the nominee met one or more of the listed criteria.  If the nominee is an employee of a group or organization, describe his/her accomplishments beyond areas of paid responsibilities or usual duties.  

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