Alexandria's Community Health Assessment & Improvement Plan

The Community Health Improvement Plan 2025 (CHIP) is a community-centered, and data-driven blueprint to address local health inequities in housing, mental health, and poverty. The CHIP is an action plan responding to the 2019 Community Health Assessment.

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Building a Healthier Alexandria Together

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All Alexandrians should have the opportunity to live their healthiest life. We can create these opportunities by building the conditions that allow every community member to thrive. 

Working extensively with the community, the Alexandria Health Department (AHD) and Partnership for a Healthier Alexandria have coordinated the Community Health Improvement Plan 2025 (CHIP). The CHIP is a collection of action-oriented strategies and tactics to address inequities through programs, advocacy, services, education, and policy change.

CHIP Priority Areas at a Glance

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Dozens of organizations, institutions, and community members are committed to completing the work by 2025. Improving health outcomes in Alexandria is a collaborative effort and AHD and the Partnership ask other community members to join in and be a part of the CHIP’s implementation. 

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Creating the Community Health Improvement Plan

Hundreds of community members, organizations, and institutions researched promising and best practices in other communities and through many hours in community meetings, developed the CHIP’s strategies, tactics, timelines, and progress measures.

Work on the CHIP coincided with the revision of two other city-wide plans, the Alexandria City Public Schools Strategic Plan 2025 and the Alexandria Department of Community and Human Services' Children and Youth Master Plan 2025. These organizations established a Unified Planning Team to maximize community engagement opportunities, share important data, and focus on shared outcomes.

2019 CHA Report

The 2019 Community Health Assessment (CHA) is a community-centered, data-driven review of Alexandria's health status. Learn about Alexandria's top 10 health issues here, then help us build a plan to address them.

The below appendices include data, assessment results, and processes used to complete the CHA:

Commitment to Community

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